Europe To Perform “Wings Of Tomorrow” Album Live!

Europe Wings Over Sweden

Europe will be performing their “Wings Of Tomorrow” album Live on the Swedish tour this March! They will perform the album in its entirety, plus some new songs and other Europe hits! Don’t miss this rare and unique opportunity to hear these killer tracks played live! Here’s a message from Joey:

“Wings of Tomorrow is one of our most liked albums and we are very exited to perform it Live together with some new songs and the hits! This band has never done anything like this before and this will most likely be a once in a lifetime event. Wings of Tomorrow opened the doors to the world for us. We got our record deal with CBS epic in New York based on this record. We have often been approached by both rock and metal bands who have claimed that this record really inspired and influenced them.

It will be an honour to revisit and perform this record in its entirety.

Holy Underwear!!! This will be exiting!”

Joey / Europe


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