Boston are back with their first new album in over 10 years!


On Monday December 9th, BOSTON’S latest studio album, “Life, Love & Hope” will be released in the UK by Frontiers Records. More than a decade in the making, the new album features 11 tracks replete with the classic and beloved BOSTON sound, as well as the latest in the evolution of Tom Scholz’ musical artistry.

Diverse and cohesive, the long-awaited album has something for everyone. It fulfils the expectations of Boston fans, while exposing a new generation to one of the world’s greatest rock’n’roll bands.

Scholz says, “These are songs from the heart, each of them taking many months of effort to write, arrange, perform and record, always up to the demands of BOSTON’s harshest critic. Me. The songs have been meticulously recorded to analogue tape on the same machines and equipment used for BOSTON’S hits for the past 35 years.”

In 1976, BOSTON burst onto the music scene with their eponymous best-selling debut album and never looked back.  With over 17 million copies sold, BOSTON’S hits included More Than a Feeling, Peace of Mind, and Smokin – rock staples that are still in heavy rotation today.  “Life, Love & Hope” includes lead vocals from Brad Delp and prodigy Tommy DeCarlo, as well as Kimberley Dahme, David Victor, and songwriter Scholz himself. The new album features tracks that embody BOSTON’S trademark guitars, harmonies, and immaculately-crafted sound.  “I intentionally stayed close to the early BOSTON style on some of the songs, even using the same amps and instruments; on others I let my imagination run wild,” says Scholz.


1.            Heaven on Earth

2.            Didn’t Mean To Fall In Love

3.            Last Day Of School

4.            Sail Away

5.            Life, Love & Hope

6.            If You Were In Love

7.            Someday

8.            Love Got Away

9.            Someone (2.0)

10.          You Gave Up On Love (2.0)

11.          The Way You Look Tonight

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