Radioux City‘s ‘Soul Survivor‘ is now available to order from AOR Blvd Records.

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Gary Brandon is one of the original co founders of pomp LA band White Sister. A front man/ keyboardist/ songwriter in his own right  In 1985, believing that the group should be fronted by one singer, the record label took a decision behind the scenes that White Sister was no longer going to have alternative lead singers. In addition to this, and to make the situation worse, Gary’s role in the band was reduced to less lead vocals and a position of keyboard player.

In 1986, as Gary was extremely unhappy with this decision, he decided to quit the band during the early stages of what was going to be the second White Sister album ‘Fashion by Passion‘. Working on various songs that also a big part of the bands legacy

In order to survive, Gary found working in the John Parr Live Touring Band. This lay down the foundations to what would be the formation of his next band –  a band that would allow him to finally return to his originally intended path as front man, Radioux City.

In 1988, the first batch of demos were recorded. It was slow progress over the next three years creating the lineup of musicians and forming the structure of Radioux City.

The decline of all forms of rock music and the 90s music scene has been well documented over the years with a move towards grunge Seattle sound. Unfortunately, victims of this move were Radioux City.

However, a quarter of a decade later, and finally released from the vault is a highly anticipated and worthy CD release on AOR Blvd Records, complete with new artwork and lyric booklet and remastered to capture the retro sound. In addition, there are three bonus tracks and a cover of Ted Nugent’s classic ‘Free For All‘.

The Radioux City sound is hard rock with a swagger and a mixture of infectious grooves.
The sound has been described as a meeting of King of the Hill, It’s Alive and some Early Extreme.

Track listing:
1. Scratch The Itch
2. You Make My Love Grow
3. Shake A Leg
4. Genie
5. I Created A Monster
6. Play That Funky Music
7. Soldier of Fortune
8.  Lookin’
9. Free For All
10. Slave For A Day
11. Filthy Dirty Dog
12. Show Me The Way
13. Big Lie
14. Moving Pictures

Line up:

Gary Brandon – Lead vocals and synth

Sammy Brown – Rhythmn guitar

Pete Kneser – Drums

John Perez- Lead guitar

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During the 1980s and ’90s, in those halcyon pre-Autotune days when the song was king and talent mattered, Dennis Churchill Dries was the singer and bass player of the bands White Sister and Tattoo Rodeo. Both of these groups earned prestigious major label record deals, but in the long run would learn how tough the music business can be.

Issued to rave reviews in 1984, White Sister’s self-titled debut was produced by Gregg Giuffria of Angel fame. While having tasted life on an independent label with its follow-up ‘Fashion By Passion’, Churchill Dries was also a part of the outfit Tattoo Rodeo. Picked up by Atlantic for ‘Rode Hard, Put Away Wet’ in ’91, they hit the road and opened for Bad Company and Damn Yankees. The band followed up with ‘Skin’ some four years later, and called it quits in 1998. There was a reunion show in 2006, and talks of new material, but all was scrapped after the death of drummer Rich Wright.

In October 2008, to the astonishment of just about everybody, original White Sister members DCD, Rick Chadock, and Garri Brandon reunited to appear at the legendary indoor rock festival the Firefest. To say that they blew the doors off would be an understatement. They went over so well that the Firefest team invited the boys back again the following year, and they did not disappoint! There was hushed yet optimistic talk of new music.

And then in October 2012, the unthinkable happened. Chadock lost his battle with cancer…Dennis was crushed by the loss of his music partner and closest friend of 35 years. New music from White Sister was not to be, and DCD retreated into solitude.

Dennis began writing on his own as a form of therapy, and in 2014 was reunited with Paul Sabu, who produced, engineered, and mixed “I”, and supplied the guitar work. DCD  drew priceless encouragement from the multi-talented Sabu, whose bands have included Only Child, Silent Rage and Sabu.

“I” is heavily influenced by the music of the late-1970s and ’80s, mixing chunky grooves with radio-friendly melodies and drawing influence from DCD’s favourite acts, including The Beatles, Bad Company, Journey, Steve Perry, John Waite, Styx and Toto. The voice remains in great nick, too. “I took several years off, and only performed 3 shows from 2006 through the recording process in 2014…I still have a lot left in the tank!”.


Dennis Churchill Dries – vocals, bass, keyboards, acoustic guitar;

Paul Sabu – guitars, keyboards,  backing vocals


1. Heard It On The Radio

2. “I”

3. Home

4. Unbroken

5. Song For The Living

6. Pictures

7. Can You Feel It

8. Pieces

9. She Loves You

10. So Good To See You

11. Home (acoustic version)

Sound clips:


DENNIS CHURCHILL DRIES – Heard It On The Radio (Edit)



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