Review: Midnite City / ATLAS / Todd Michaels & The Screamin HeartsĀ 

Alberts, Nottingham, June 7th 2019

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Friday evening saw myself and the memsarb take a trip over to Alberts in Nottingham (RIP Spanky Van Dykes) to catch Midnite City on their current There Goes The Neighbourhood UK Tour.

Kicking off the evening’s proceedings were a new band to me, Todd Michaels & The Screamin Hearts.

In short, they had the looks and attitude, it was like taking a time machine back 25 years, however they seemed to be a band without direction, not really knowing exactly what rock genre they wanted to be. Too much chat, not enough tunes, unless they didn’t have more material I don’t know. Plus regular readers will know if I’m not fond of the vocals then it’s extremely difficult to like the band. However qudos to them.

Onto ATLAS, a band I am familiar with having listened to their debut album ‘In Pursuit Of Memory‘ quite a few times.

ATLAS came across from the onset as an experienced, tight sounding outfit, confidently presenting their catalogue of songs and if I’m honest, I much prefered them live to the album, certainly a band worth catching perform.

And so onto the headliners Midnite City, a band who’ve garnered a strong, loyal following from the off.

It was a bit of a suprise when vocalist Rob Wylde took to the stage. Why you ask? Well Rob had laryngitis and wasn’t going to be singing, the remainder of the band having vowed to cover vocal duties so as not to cancel the gig and disappoint their fans.

Instead Rob gallently stepped up to the plate and soldiered through where he could, with the remainder of the vocals covered admirably by Josh ‘Tabbie’ Williams and Pete Newdeck as well as being joined by ATLAS vocalist Craig Wells.

The result was a highly entertaining performance by the band, playing to an enthusiastic crowd and showing why their popularity continues to grow.