The three-time GRAMMY-nominated guitarist and 25x Billboard chart-topper Joe Bonamassa has just released ‘Tales Of Time‘, a sprawling and expansive live concert film and album shot at the breath-taking Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado, out today in CD/DVD, CD/BR, vinyl, and digital formats. Hailed as “a near spiritual experience” by Classic Rock Magazine and featuring […]

On the heels of his sold out music festival cruise Keeping The Blues Alive at Sea VIII, the three-time GRAMMY-nominated guitarist and 25x Billboard chart-topper Joe Bonamassa has just released an unforgettable live rendition of ‘Time Clocks‘, the beautifully poignant title track of his most recent studio album. Featured on ‘Tales of Time’, his sprawling and expansive live concert film and album shot at the breath-taking Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado, the epic 7+ performance finds the blues-rock superstar at his most expressive and ambitious, casting a spell of pure timelessness over the enraptured crowd. As the heart on sleeve narrative plays out in front of a stunning visual backdrop that served to highlight the beauty of the music, the rousing chorus rises to the heavens as Bonamassa sings, “and the rain soaking through my coat, about to capsize my boat I push it along away from the docks, I was never a good puncher of time clocks.” Out 4/14 via Bonamassa’s J&R Adventures in CD/DVD, CD/BR, vinyl, and digital formats, ‘Tales Of Time’ captures a stratospheric performance by the blues-rock titan, as his virtuoso guitar style and unique technique and flair elevate the evening to an almost heavenly […]

The three-time GRAMMY-nominated guitarist and 25x Billboard chart-topper Joe Bonamassa has released a mind-blowing live rendition of ‘Mind’s Eye‘, a standout track from his most recent studio album ‘Time Clocks’. Featured on ‘Tales Of Time,’ his sprawling and expansive live concert film and album shot at the breathtaking Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado, the psychedelic influences of the song were augmented by the stunning […]

Today, Joe Bonamassa launches the official animated music video for his new single ‘Mind’s Eye‘ taken from his critically acclaimed album ‘Time Clocks‘ (review here). The stunning video, which is a homage to the animated style of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine and the prog rock videos of the 70’s, is released during the lead up to Bonamassa’s UK […]

Guitar legend Joe Bonamassa today reveals his stunningly sweeping new single, ‘Time Clocks‘. This is the third song taken from his forthcoming brand-new studio album of the same name, released on October 29 via Provogue (Europe) and J&R Adventures (North America). Joe continues his soul-searching evolution on this beautifully poignant Bonamassa-Shirley penned song. At just over seven minutes long, […]