The waiting is finally over! Italian metal act KALAHARI released the new ‘Theia‘ EP, a dark blend of down-tuned guitars, twisted melodies and groovy beats! To celebrate the event, the band released a brand-new video for the track ‘Zombie Night‘.

Theia‘ is a shocking revelation, literally and musically, a five-tracks devastation evoking Theia, the celestial body that, according to the theory of the “giant impact”, hit our earth billions of years ago, creating the moon and causing a series of reactions, which brought our world to be as we know it today.

Theia, titan of the ancient Greek mythology, destroyed to create something more. She is the mother of the moon divinities, of the god of the sun and of the dawn. She is the goddess of splendor, the spear that brings destruction and then creation.

Today, like back then, we live in a world wrapped by shadows and submerged into perdition, not the ones of a lifeless and futureless planet, but the ones of an unsustainable system, of a corrupted society and of our own mental prisons.

In this darkest hour, KALAHARI calls upon Theia, the spear of destruction, so it can bring to a new creation and a positive change for the future of our mankind.

Theia‘ is available on Bandcamp ( as well as on the main digital platforms. The album has been recorded, mixed and mastered at Mathlab Recording Studio (The Agonist, Ingested, Cryptopsy) by Jonathan Mazzeo. The artwork is by Ludovico Cioffi – LC Artworks.

Theia EP is available on:


Amazon Music

Apple Music


Track Listing:

  1. Theia
  2. Followers of the Lich
  3. Zombie Night
  4. I Am the Mountain
  5. Cabled Core


Nicola Pellacani: Vocals

Gabriele Bartolucci: Guitars

Gino Annichiarico: Guitars

Joshua Pini: Bass

Alessandro Visani: Drums






In August 2017, WDFD Records released a free compilation CD at Stonedeaf Festival featuring 14 tracks from 7 rising rock bands. It received generous praise, so much so that KOL Promotions came up with the idea of a showcase event.

The Station in Cannock are excited to be involved and being a central venue with easy access, good public transport links and ample nearby car parking, not forgetting a great sound system, a date of 11th May 2019 was chosen for the Magnificent 7 Festival.

Sadly, 2 of the bands from the CD – Grand Ultra and Beth Blade and the Beautiful Disasters – were unavailable, but 2 formidable replacements were selected to create a mouth-watering line-up!




The Howling Tides

Pariah Soul



Tickets are available through SeeTickets:

Keith Lamley, owner of WDFD said “I still can’t quite believe this event is happening! Huge thanks to Shaun Haynes at KOL Promotions for pulling it together, and I am indebted to the bands for agreeing to take part. First and foremost I just want everyone there to go away thinking “wow, weren’t those bands awesome, what a great night”. Above and beyond that I just hope that it brings the bands some much-deserved extra exposure.”

Note to editors: WDFD (Whoop-dee-fucking-doo) was formed in May 2017 with the mission of helping bands take a first step from being unsigned towards a long-term goal of forging a successful career in the music business. It has a co-operative approach with bands providing support and encouragement to each other whilst having access to centralised services and advice.

* Courtesy of TMR Band Management

** Courtesy of Roulette Media

Official Website


WDFD Records Ltd are delighted to announce that Midlands-based rock band THEIA have made their first album – ‘Take The Pill‘ – available for free download for a limited period.

All they ask is for people to donate £1 for each download to the charity closest to their hearts –  Rock Against Child Pornography and Abuse UK. It’s not mandatory but the charity does such fantastic and important work that we hope you agree £1 to charity is worth an album of music.

Donate here:

Download ‘Take The PillHere

Also available via Soundcloud

A CD version is on sale at a reduced price of £5 via the THEIA website:

Making the announcement, singer Kyle Lamley said: “We wanted to combine charity fund-raising with a way to give people something in return. Win-win – we hope! Maybe we will reach people who have perhaps heard of us but can’t afford to buy a normal-priced album at the moment for whatever reason.”

THEIA are hitting the road with Chasing Dragons at the end of April whilst working in between on a 3rd studio album, more about which will be announced shortly.

Upcoming Gigs:
7th April, The Rigger, Newcastle-under-Lyme
20th April, The Key Club, Leeds with Chasing Dragons
22nd April, The Queen Vic, South Shields with Chasing Dragons
24th April, Eleven Club, Stoke with Chasing Dragons
25th April, The Black Heart, London with Chasing Dragons
26th April, Bar 42, Worthing with Chasing Dragons
27th April, Creature Sounds, Swansea with Chasing Dragons
28th April, The Station, Cannock with Chasing Dragons
5/6 May, NLC Festival, The Maze, Nottingham
18th May, The Sitwell Tavern, Derby
27th May, DementiaFest, Wolverhampton
8th June, Gresley Old Hall, Burton
23rd June, Wildfire Festival, Scotland
30th June, Brickfest 18, Hartshorne
7th July, The Giffard Arms with Chasing Dragons
14th July, SOS Festival, Manchester (Acoustic)
3rd August, Route 44, Birmingham with Almost Easy
4th August, The Flowerpot, Derby with Metal Fatigue
26th August, Giff-Fest, Wolverhampton
15th September, Claptrap Festival, Stourbridge
22nd September, The Station, Cannock with Fragile Things/Beth Blade
7th October, Four Sticks Festival, New Cross Inn, London
26th October, The Giffard Arms, Wolverhampton