Roots rockers Heavy Feather are finally back with new music! Their upcoming  sophomore album ‘Mountain of Sugar‘ will be released by The Sign Records in Spring 2021, with heavier 60s and 70s rock influences and amazing blues vocals at  the core of the release. Heavy Feather‘s first album ‘Débris & Rubble‘ (2019) was praised  by […]

What’s your poison? No matter what your answer is, The Sign Records is the label that have kept delivering high-quality releases since their start in 2015. The label has helped to launch carriers for bands as MaidaVale, Hällas, Svartanatt, Lizzies, The Drippers, and Demon Head, to name a few. Alternative music for a new generation. Shaking garage rock, fuzzed-out stoner, enchanting psych, uncompromising metal, and classic rock. […]

The Riven releases a new single and music video today Friday, August 28, 2020. The single is called ‘Windbreaker‘ and is the second and final track from the Swedish retro-rockers’ upcoming 7″ vinyl. The single is released together with a music video. Following the success of their self-titled debut album, Swedish retro rockers in The […]