David Paich and The Players Club / Mascot Label Group have announced the release of his debut solo album titled ‘Forgotten Toys‘ on August 19. Today sees the release of  the lyric video for ‘Spirit Of The Moonrise‘. Paich shares, “This is a recurring dream about a distraught girl, riding neath the moonlight. It has perplexed me over many a night…”. Boz Scaggs. Mötley Crüe. […]

Marty Friedman will release his new studio album ‘Tokyo Jukebox 3‘ via The Players Club / Mascot Label Group on April 16. Ahead of this he has also revealed the new song ‘Kaze Ga Fuiteiru‘. Talking about the song Marty says; “While keeping intact the essence of Ikimono Gakari’s ‘Kaze Ga Fuiteiru‘ melody that I loved, I tried to destroy it, reconstruct it and create 5 minutes of new music that might bring a tear or a chill, and decidedly lifts your spirits. Whether I accomplished that or not is entirely up to you, but when I just finished the recording of ‘Kaze Ga Fuiteru‘, someone who’s opinion I respect very much called it “grand and elegant”, so I`ll go with that!” He previously revealed the video for ‘Makenaide‘,which you can see here. The song is a cover of the hit from Japanese pop-rock group Zard and talking about the video Friedman says; “I feel so incredibly fortunate and grateful for the love and support of wonderful people from so many countries and cultures around the world. With this video, I tried my best to share that unique feeling with you, and what better way than to have those cool folks jam for us. A huge thank you to everyone who took the time and energy to learn this song and make this video so fun to look at.” The record is the third in a series that began with ‘Tokyo Jukebox‘ in 2009, and then ‘Tokyo Jukebox 2‘ following in 2011.  The trilogy presents Friedman’s inspired performances to Japanese repertoire he’s chosen to cover. He shares, “I’ve been playing […]