Native Sons, the band featuring Ashton Blake (vocals), Kevin “7” Amici (bass), Adam Amici (drums), and Diego Grimaldo (guitars) is set release their debut ‘The Natives Are Restless’. The project was originally recorded with different players, under a different band name but included Ashton Blake on vocals. The project was abruptly put on hold and […]

Review: Operation: Mindcrime – The Key Frontiers Records (2015) Reviewer: Aaron Chatfield The Queensrÿche breakdown saga has been well documented, so without going into details, Queensrÿche continue to operate under that moniker, with Todd LeTorre on the mic, whilst ex-Queensrÿche vocalist, Geoff Tate has adopted the name of Queensrÿche’s biggest album, Operation: Mindcrime. Not sure […]

Former Queensrÿche frontman Geoff Tate has unveiled a second video to promote the forthcoming release of ‘The Key’, the debut album by his new progressive metal outfit Operation: Mindcrime. Entitled ‘Burn’, the clip follows hot on the heels of the current single ‘Re-Inventing The Future’. Like its predecessor, ‘Burn’ is directed by Seattle filmmaker Jamie Burton Chamberlin, and it sees Tate […]