Temtris are excited to reveal the tracklist & the teaser of their upcoming new album ‘Khaos Divine‘: Khaos Divine is a stunning, modern metal concept album, which plunges the listener into a tale of a dark and troubled dystopian city where a new world order has taken hold of its population with the offer of a chance to live an almost eternal life but at the cost of freedom. This album is full of emotion-charged songs, with catchy guitar riffs, memorable melodies, and choruses which are characterized by the trademark twin guitar harmonies that define this band’s distinctive sound. Driven by a powerful and energetic rhythm […]

When Sydney, Australia was put in lockdown the Temtris crew had their tour of the latest album release, ‘Ritual Warfare‘, cut in half. Instead of wasting time they pushed forward and decided to make a clip for the powerhouse opening track, ‘Race to the End‘. Putting together the idea of filming each member playing the song on a green screen in their own home and piecing the footage together to make this killer track available for all metalheads to enjoy! This track has been a favourite of radio stations around the world and with lyrics we can all relate too about life and time. It’s a fast paced track with a dynamic bolt of Power/Speedmetal with a big catchy chorus and riffs that will stick in your head. Temtris latest album, ‘Ritual Warfare‘ is available through Wormholedeath records in Italy and at Temtris.com You can also stream Temtris music from all digital platforms Here “Temtris […]

‘Ritual Warfare‘ is a track taken from Temtris upcoming self-titled album ‘Ritual Warfare‘ due for release on 30 04 2021 via Wormholedeath. Temtris combines the best elements of heavy metal and brings them to life with a modern feel. ‘Ritual Warfare‘ delivers powerful and soaring vocals, twin guitar harmonies, blazing solos and a crushing rhythm section […]

Sydney based metal phenomenon Temtris has signed a record contract for their 6th studio album, that will be released in April 2021 with Wormholedeath Records from Italy. The album will be distributed through the label’s worldwide connection with Aural Music Group (AMG) and U.S.A. company, The Orchard Music Inc (Sony Music Ent.). The April release will also include an exclusive Japanese pressing! “Temtris is very excited to be offered the opportunity to work with Carlo and his team at WormholeRecords. This will be a chance for Temtris to reach a whole new market across the globe with Wormholedeath having companies operating in Italy, USA, Japan and Norway. Temtris would like to thank all our metal family and fans in Australia and around the world for supporting us on our journey so far. We look forward to seeing where this new chapter takes us and hope you all join us on the ride.” Horns Up, Genevieve , Fox and the Temtris crew ! About the band: […]