‘Mine Mine Mine’ is one of the ten tracks included in Dream Company‘s debut album ‘The Wildest Season‘ , to be released on October 15th via Tanzan Music.

The melodic hard rock vibes of this 3 minutes and 42 second song flow very fast to listener’s ears with powerful guitar riffs and a catchy chorus.

Mine Mine Mine‘ is a celebration for the band’s history that counts more than 60 concerts around Europe in 13 years and it has been written for the fans that have supported Dream Company through the years becoming a very important part of their live shows.

The celebration has soon turned into a rite of passage with the band leaving behind his past as a Bon Jovi tribute band and starting to write his own original music.

Dream Company line up features, Tanzan Music artist Giulio Garghentini as singer, he released his solo album ‘Believe‘ with the Italian record label in 2013; Stefano Scola bass player also for Hungryheart; Enrico Modini on guitar and piano and Davide Colombi on drums.


01 Days In Blue
02 Mine Mine Mine
03 Scared To Be Loved
04 Salvation
05 Revolution
06 River Of Love
07 The Ghost
08 Land Of Freedom
09 Love Is Possession
10 Liars



Dream Company is the new band that is joining Tanzan Music records artists’ roster.

The italian melodic rockers and former Bon Jovi tribute band, will release their debut album on October 2019.

Produced by Mario Percudani (Hungryheart, Hardline), the record will be presented with a special live show at HT Factory in Milan on September 21st, as opening act for Hardline  Facebook Event

Dream Company line up features as singer, Tanzan Music Artist Giulio Garghentini, that released his solo album ‘Believe’ with the italian record label in 2013; Stefano Scola bass player for the melodic rock group Hungryheart; Enrico Modini on guitar and piano and Davide Colombi on drums.



2008-2018. Tanzan Music record label turns ten.

To celebrate this anniversary, Tanzan Music will reissue the first Hungryheart album in a brand new special edition with bonus features and restyled artwork.

This was the first album released by the Italian record label on June 1st 2008. Exactly ten years later the reissue will be released on June 1st 2018.



Italian Symphonic Power Metal veterans Dark Horizon have released a lyric video for the song ‘Future World‘, first single taken from the band’s new album ‘Aenigma‘.  Jonny Lindqvist,  vocalist from Swedish melodic metallers Nocturnal Rites, is a very special guest on the track.

Aenigma‘ is produced by Daniele Mandelli (Forgotten Tomb, Tragodia, Adramelch) and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Kamelot, Epica, Amaranthe) and it will be available next month under Underground Symphony Records / Tanzan Music in digital download, digipak and 150 copies of a limited edition boxset with a DH symbol pendant.

Line up:

Roberto Quassolo: vocal

Daniele Mandelli: guitar

Alessandro Battini: tastiera

Paolo Veluti: basso

Gianluca Capelli: drums

Special Guest

Jonny Lindqvist: vocal

Mario Percudani: backing vocals

Official Website




Dark Horizon have revealed a new video for the track ‘Sea Sirens Voices


Sea Sirens Voices (Hollywood Edition)’ is one of the songs featured on Dark Horizon‘s ‘Metalhead’ Ep released by Tanzan Music on January 23rd.

This Ep contains other unreleased track like ‘I Wanna Be A Metalhead‘ , taken from the forthcoming new album ‘Aenigma‘(Underground Symphony) and the covers ‘Lucifer’s Hammer‘ (Warlord) and ‘Free‘ (Heavy Load).

Track list:
01 – I Wanna Be A Metalhead
02 – Lucifer’s Hammer
03 – Sea Sirens Voices (Hollywood Version)
04 – Free

Line Up:
Roberto Quassolo: vocal
Daniele Mandelli: guitar
Alessandro Battini: keyboards
Luca Capelli: drums
Paolo Veluti: bass

Official Website



Tanzan Music, in collaboration with Melodicrock.it, will release ‘We Still Rock – The Compilation’ on October 3rd, 2016.

Less than one year from the release in digital format via Tanzan Music of the I.F.O.R. project with the single ‘We Still Rock’, the Italian melodic rock and AOR label come back with a compilation of unreleased tracks that are finally available in CD format.

We Still Rock – The Compilation’ is a collection of unreleased and re-visited tunes coming from some of the most renowned artists of the Italian melodic rock scene, conceived from an idea of Melodicrock.it, and released in support of ‘A Melodic Rock Night‘, the mini-festival scheduled in Padova on October 1, 2016 at the Grindhouse Club.
Very special guests for the compilation are British melodic rockers Vega, who headline this one-off Italian show as part of their ‘Who We Are‘ European Tour.

Tracklist :

01 I.F.O.R. – We Still Rock
02 Vega – Every Little Monster (Acoustic Version)
03 Laneslide – Together As One
04 Wheels Of Fire – Love Nest (Acoustic Version)
05 Alessandro Del Vecchio – Strange World
06 Charming Grace – Gotta Get Away
07 Danger Zone – Walk Away (2016 Version)
08 Room Experience – No Time Yet For A Lullaby (Alternative Vocals Version)
09 Soul Seller – Memories (Alternative Mix)
10 Hungryheart – Nothing But You (Acoustic Version)
11 Alchemy – Revolution
12 Highway Dream – Runaway




Soul Seller - Matter Of Faith

After 5 years Soul Seller returns with their second album Matter of Faith which will be released by Tanzan Music on September 19th.

This new record produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Revolution Saints) is powerful; it’s pure hard rock with great melodies.

Matter of Faith’ features 12 tracks and a brand new line up; the album release will be anticipated by the video clip of the first single ‘Tide is Down’.


1 Neverending
2 Given To Live
3 Tide is Down
4 Memories
5 Get Stronger
6 Echoes From a Distant Future
7 Get Away From the Light
8 Alchemy
9 Wipe your Tears Away
10 Matter Of Faith
11 Strangers Apart
12 Made of Stone


Eric Concas – Lead & Backing vocals
Cris Audisio – Lead, Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars, Backing vocals
Dave Zublena – Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars, Backing vocals
Mike Zublena – Bass
Simone Morandotti – Keyboards & Programming
Italo Graziana – Drums & Backing vocals

SmOkey Fingers -Promised Land

Promised Land‘ is the new album by southern rockers Smokey Fingers.

This new record will be out on Tanzan Music on September 9th proceeded by the single ‘The Road Is My Home’ which will be released on June 20th.

Line Up:

Gianluca “Luke” Paterniti: lead & backing vocals

Diego “Blef” Dragoni: electric & acoustic guitars, banjo

Fabrizio Costa: bass

Daniele Vacchini: drums & percussions


Anchise Bolchi: pedal steel on tracks #3/#6, fiddle on track #12

Mario Percudani: 2nd guitar solo on track #9, acoustic guitar on track #12, backing vocals on tracks #3/#6

Paolo “Apollo” Negri: Clavinet on track  #5, Hammond on track #11

Marcella Casciaro & Sara Matera: backing vocals on tracks #1/#3/#5/#6/#10 





Dirty Italian Job

Review: Hungryheart – Dirty Italian Job

Tanzan Music (2015)

Reviewer: Peter Scallan

This is Hungryheart’s third album, although I haven’t heard any of them. They are an Italian-based four piece with vocals, guitar, bass and drums. Vocalist Josh Zighetti shares lead vocal duties with fellow founding member and lead guitarist Mario Percudani on two songs. The band describe themselves as an AOR band with slightly blues tendencies, which sounds like it could be right up my street – so here goes!

‘There is a Reason for Everything’ opens the album and from the off sounds as per the above description. With vocals sound not too dissimilar to Aldo Nova the songs sounds a little Bad Co and FM. It is a great opening song, but for me could be a little shorter and doesn’t need to be five minutes long. Second song in is ‘Back to Real Life’ and follows in a similar vein with an excellent chorus which reminds me of Eric Martin a la Sucker For a Pretty Face era. It has nice breakdown before the solo and then launches into the chorus and then to an outro, which again for me is just a tad too long, coming in again at five minutes. Next up is the single from the album called ‘Shoreline’. More great bluesy melodic vocals are delivered and another great chorus. Featuring some nice chorus guitar parts this song just oozes mid-1980s class and makes a great single. Although I am assuming there is a single edit as once again the song comes in well over five minutes. Having said that, it doesn’t feel too long and maintains your interest!

Nothing But You’ is the first of two songs featuring guitarist Mario Percudani on lead vocals and he sounds pretty hand too. Lead vocals are shared during the verses. The song is an acoustic ballad and Percudani’s voice very much suits the song and maybe could have handled more of the vocal duties on this song. We move back to a more melodic bluesy/funky feel for ‘Devil’s Got My Number’. This grooves allow very nicely on a funky combination of bass and guitar and Zhigetti back on sole lead vocals, this song fits his voice to a tee. The next song is a cover of the Eric Clapton song ‘Bad Love’. And what a great job they do with this song really making it their own from start to finish. From the great opening with the voicebox guitar and harmonies guitars through the stonking chorus and into the solo section. It also really demonstrates the blusier side of the band too very effectively. Excellent stuff!

‘Second Hand Love’ is the second of the songs featuring Percudani on lead vocals and is another acoustic song. There are parts of the song that have more than a passing resemblance to Wanted Dead or Alive from Bon Jovi. Regardless, it is a great song demonstrating perfectly the melodic blues style of the band. And again, Percudani does an excellent job of his vocal duties. The funky blues feel is continued with ‘Time For Letting Go’. Driven by a funky bass line and drums through the verses when the chorus kicks in the Eric Martin comparison is relevant again. Next up is ‘Right Now’ which would fit nicely on earlier Pat Travers albums in terms of the vocals and music through the verses before bursting into a great melodic chorus. There is a return to more straight-forward AOR with ‘You Can Run’ which opens with some nice Fender Rhodes piano and vocals and is almost Toto-esque. The song builds through the verse and the bridge into a great chorus which again reminds me of Eric Martin.

Rock Steady’ is next up opening with a bass and drum pattern and a great guitar riff and a great verse. However, the chorus lets this song down for me, especially considering some of what has gone before. Subsequently this probably the weakest of the songs on the album. The final song on the album called ‘All Over Again’ opens with a great 80s melodic riff and drops down into a great verse carried by bass and drums overlaid with some nice clean picked electric guitar. It then bursts into the opening riff for the chorus and normal service is resumed with the chorus in terms of the quality. My only criticism is that like some of the earlier songs the end is dragged out too much with the song coming in at over six minutes and should have faded out on the drum pattern and vocal adlibs before it actually does finish.

In summary this is a good album characterised with some great lead vocals from two good vocalists and covers the AOR/melodic and blues rock bases well. However, for me some of the songs drag out too much. The fact that there are twelve songs on the album, means that the songs didn’t really need to be extended to fill the album as there are enough good songs on this album as it is. Therefore, for me by simply being more ruthless with editing the songs, this album could have moved from being good to great!