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Chaos Magic

Review: Chaos Magic – Chaos Magic (Featuring Caterina Nix & Timo Tolkki)

Frontiers Music (2015)

Reviewer: Dawn Osbourne

Chaos Magic is the name of the new joint project between Timo Tolkki, the producer and songwriter (known for his work with Stratovarius)  from Finland and Caterina Nix, a singer from Chile. The two have  collaborated before in ‘Angels of the Apocalypse’ the second chapter of the Avalon rock opera in which Floor Jansen of Nightwish was also involved . This new Chaos Magic project is also an operatic  affair which will appeal to those who like the style of alternative rock associated with bands like Nightwish and the Sisters of Mercy .

There is definitely an air of mysticism about the album. Googling ‘Chaos Magic’ will tell you that it is ‘a post modern magical tradition’ which ‘emphasizes the pragmatic use of belief systems and the creation of new and unorthodox methods’  a main theory of which is ‘belief is an active magical force’ . So now you know!

However whether this enhances your enjoyment of this album or it is something you wish to ignore, after a few listens the music does penetrate the psyche and  It is good quality stuff with memorable songs and delivery. Nix has a beautiful voice which will be appreciated by those who love the lilting tones of early All About Eve albums.

I’m Alive’ is a strong opener and does not take many listens before its beautiful soprano vocals are imprinted on the consciousness such is the seductively memorable nature of its chorus, leaving us in no doubt that something bad has happened to this delectable chanteuse before we have caught up with her exploits .  Along with ‘Dangerous Game’ this and other songs deal with the theme of betrayal, love and revenge. As perhaps expected with a female lead vocalist, this is told from the female perspective and demonstrates the folk story paradigm of a beautiful powerful woman wronged and transformed by the experience  who will have justice and make her former beau pay the ultimate price which once done cannot be undone, see among other the  tracks ‘Seraphim’,  ‘Passionflow’ and ‘Dead Memories’.  All very prescient and fitting with the theme of witchcraft running through the album, see titles such as ‘One Drop Of Blood’.  Culminating in the Rousing  ‘Point Of No Return’, anthem for those who enjoy the drama of tortuous relationships .. Whether or not this is your bag, there is no doubt it is a fine album of its genre.

Judged by its own class there isn’t a bad track on the album. Fans of Nightwish and grand passion as art form an orderly queue.