Following his much-appreciated, live-streamed, online show on Thursday 26th March, Danny Vaughn is planning another, at the request of his fans, with whom he’s long built up a close relationship: one, he’s acknowledged, that helped him overcome challenges and hardships, like the PledgeMusic problems last year that put his solo album in jeopardy.

Danny’s track record especially touring with that fantastic new solo album ‘Myths, Legends & Lies‘, and with Dan Reed for their joint acoustic project Snake Oil & Harmony, has honed his lifelong love of storytelling, song and contact.

Isolation is not a good state of affairs for performers,” Danny admits, “We’re an odd group because we are outwardly extroverted but inwardly introverted, if that makes sense? But those two opposites make up a balance that is key to who we are.

This,” he adds, “would account for why so many singers and performers are putting up videos of themselves right now: singing for us, sending us messages of encouragement or reading us Shakespeare. We’re doing what we always have done: reaching out to the hearts of others.

Live performance matters to Danny: “For myself, I knew that if I didn’t sing and play for somebody after 12 days in isolation, I would start to climb the walls. So, I set a date and time, boarded the social media train and got the word out — as fast and as far as I could — that a show was coming.

Last Thursday – for a little over two hours – I sang for and connected with over 600 people from at least two dozen different countries! We exchanged greetings, I told stories, people put in requests and there was an unexpectedly deep feeling of community and solidarity: a success on every level! We aren’t alone and we are in this together.”

The whole thing was so well-received that I have been asked by an overwhelming majority to do it all over again. So here it comes: Thursday, 2nd April — 8pm GMT; 3pm EST; 12 Noon Pacific.

“These performances are free, but to watch you have to have a Facebook account and go to the page Danny Vaughn’s Myths, Legends & Lies.

Make some good food, get comfortable on your couch, and put me up on your big screen TV! My wife will be manning the laptop, so you can send in your messages, questions, thoughts – whatever you like — and we will see them.

Danny has valued many things about the gigs. “I need to acknowledge the incredible generosity of so many people who watched me on Thursday,” he says, “These concerts are free, as I say, but so many of you went to my website and made donations that I felt overwhelmed and humbled.  Thank-you for helping me keep the lights on!  I look forward to sharing another evening with all of you on 2nd April! Thank you all so much! Stay well and stay safe.

Make a date with Danny Vaughn, and if you didn’t catch his lockdown debut, check out the following link, where you can watch last Thursday’s concert in its entirety:

Stay safe and hold the line!

Snake Oil & Harmony (Dan Reed & Danny Vaughn) have been forced to postpone their ‘Hurricane RidersAlbum Release Tour.

They’ve released the following statement:

Tour Reschedule Statement from Snake Oil & Harmony.

We regret to inform everyone that due to the recent upgrading of governmental, travel and business restrictions we have decided to reschedule the Album Release Tour. To continue with our tour was on one hand a positive, to keep some form of normality during these stressful times and exactly why we have been adamant about not changing things these last two weeks. Yet on the other hand it would be selfish and irresponsible to make people have to make the decision to attend or not. Many of our supporters have elderly parents and we simply don’t want to put the option on the table to attend at this time when we can easily reschedule for another time period later in the year when the tension of this issue has dissipated. It was an incredibly difficult decision to make today as we feel it’s exactly times like these we need a release for the stress of the times. Unfortunately it seems the rest of the world is currently not on the same page. We believe it is better to err on the side of what’s pragmatic, and not on the side of risk. News on the rescheduled dates will be forthcoming within the next week, and our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused both the venues and those who support our music.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Danny Vaughn and Dan Reed


Review: Snake Oil & Harmony – Hurricane Riders

Zero One Entertainment (Feb 28th 2020)

Reviewer: Peter Scallan

This is Snake Oil & Harmony’s debut album. When reviewing debut albums there can be a degree of apprehension as to what you are getting. However, with this debut album, it is more about the intrigue of hearing what two seasoned pros such as Danny Vaughn and Dan Reed will come up with! Being a huge fan of both guys in terms of their individual band and solo efforts, the key question for me was, ‘Will the whole be greater than the sum of the parts?’

From the opening bars of ‘The Lines Are Open‘ and lush acoustic guitar you know what you are getting. With the guys trading lead vocals from verse-to-verse and the lush harmonies, the song has distinctive elements of the solo work of both, while creating something original. We move quickly into ‘Last Man Standing‘ with Danny opening the vocals then joined by Dan on harmonies. And what a glorious hook in the chorus.

The emotive ‘Aberfan‘, which is about the 1966 mining disaster in the village of the same name, is next up. While this song sounds more like a Dan Reed solo song, it actually evokes more of a Crowded House/Neil Finn feel and is a fitting tribute to those who lost their lives in that disaster. ‘Dance In The Heart Of The Sun‘ has Latin American undertones to it and could be a great number to dance to! The pace drops a little for ‘Another Reason‘, and it seems to have late sixties vibe to the rhythm and bounces along very nicely indeed. With Dan taking the lead vocals it has a really lush feel to it.

Damned If You Do‘ has an obvious country influence with what sounds like lap steel guitar with Danny taking the vocal duties and Dan providing backing and refrains. In structure and melody it has feel reminiscent of early Eagles and to great effect too. The light country stylings continue with the superb ‘Where The Water Goes‘ which has one of the best choruses I have heard in quite some time. Trading lead vocals across the verses seamlessly and equally so in their backing of each other, this epitomises how comfortable these two appear to be musically with each other.

Canonball‘ takes the country feel to the next level with some superb Americana playing and arrangements and is Eaglesque for me. We stray back into more straight-forward melodic acoustic material with penultimate track ‘Save The Day‘. It is one of the few tracks with electric guitar and reinforces just how versatile both of these guys are in terms of their musicality. It is fitting that we return to the acoustic feel of the opening song and the trading of lead vocal licks on an almost line-by-line basis. ‘Little Hercules‘ wholly epitomises the sheer class of this album and the lush chorus just reinforces this class further. Superb!

I am sure a whole bunch of people must have thought when these guys started singing together it would be but a fleeting moment in time. As I usually explain when working with a band, if the musicians bear in mind the basic equation of singer = Knob, we should be fine! Let’s face it, two very successful band leaders and solo artists and both sing lead vocals – just how long would it be before the egos kicked in and it ended in disaster?

Wrong! What this album demonstrates is musically and possibly personally how comfortable these two hugely talented gentleman are with each other. If you like the band and solo efforts of these gentlemen then this is absolutely essential. If you’re not that familiar with one or both – this is a superb introduction. The whole is indeed greater than the sum of the parts. Sublime! Just absolutely sublime! Thank you gentleman – I look forward to seeing you at the Glasgow gig.

Five years ago, Danny Vaughn (lead vocalist of Tyketto) and Dan Reed (frontman of funk rockers Dan Reed Network) decided to combine their talents in a joint project: a live acoustic touring act called Snake Oil & Harmony.

The project led to two acclaimed tours, where they shared their songs and the stories behind them with audiences throughout Europe, building a rep for their singing, musicianship and spellbinding rapport with their audiences.
The tours sparked the pair into further creative partnership, kindling their considerable talents to create new, original songs, which they added to their repertoire on tour. Now, Snake Oil & Harmony are releasing their debut album, ‘Hurricane Riders‘ on Friday 28 Feb, 2020 on Zero One Entertainment, to coincide with their next tour, which begins in March 2020.

“I first met Dan Reed at the Download Festival in 2014 and felt an immediate affinity,” says Danny Vaughn, “Similar to myself, he has built a reputation as a strong acoustic performer. That prompted me to ask him if he would be interested in doing a tour together. We started planning right there backstage. We named the project ‘Snake Oil & Harmony’ and it was evident from the audience’s reaction to the very first show that we were on to something special.”

Likewise Dan Reed recalls their first encounter at Download, “We were sharing the same stage. Tyketto was on right before us and blew us away.”
“We met after our set,” he adds, “and it immediately felt like a kinship was forming from our first words together. Not long after Download, Danny reached out to me to do an acoustic tour together, and I jumped right on board.” 

Danny and Dan recognised an immediate sense of kinship and chemistry. “It is not a given that, just because two people can sing, they can sing well together,” Danny Vaughn reflects, “But we were immediately creating a sound that everyone saw as special. Add to that the variety of stories, jokes and cartoon voices each of us does and you get a unique alchemy that creates a show that is never the same twice.”

Under the Snake Oil & Harmony banner, the two Dans undertook two extensive live tours and made also critically-acclaimed appearances at many festivals, plus the ‘Monsters of Rock Cruise‘ in America, playing a wide variety of songs from their respective solo careers, and from their bands: Dan Reed Network and Tyketto.

“People began to ask if we were going to try and write any songs together,” recalls Danny Vaughn, “So we wrote our first song, ‘Where The Water Goes‘, and played it on our next tour to see what our audience would make of it. The reaction was overwhelming and unanimous: it was time to make an album!”

Dan Reed agrees, “After a couple really wonderful tours and receiving such positive feedback from the audiences on how our voices worked well together we decided to experiment and write a song together for the third tour we were about to embark on, to give the audience something different the third time around. I sent Danny a piece of music I had recently recorded but had no vocals. He sent it back within a very short period of time with a completely finished lyric and melody that I simply adored and flowed with the music perfectly! The scene was then set for us to keep on going.”

These steps and synergy took Snake Oil & Harmony from the live stage to the studio as well, and would lead to recording their full-length album, ‘Hurricane Riders‘, in Prague (where Dan Reed now dwells), at the legendary ‘Faust Studios’.

Danny Vaughn describes their creative process in this way: “Dan took the helm on this idea and the experience of writing and recording ‘Hurricane Riders’ with him as producer and overall lightning rod has been fantastic. I think it’s the perfect blend of our differing styles and exactly what our fans are waiting to hear. I’m very excited about this new chapter in our history together and I think everyone else is going to love it too.”

Naturally, the album features Vaughn and Reed on vocals and guitars, but it also brings on board Bengt Jonasson on bass and Robert Mehmet Sinan Ikiz on the drums —  “our bad ass Swedish musical brothers” as Dan Reed calls them!
“I have been blessed to work with so many great musicians on this musical journey,” Reed goes on to say, “I really can’t wait for people to hear what Danny Vaughn and I have concocted for everyone’s listening pleasure! We strove to make an album rooted in the 70’s with a focus on storytelling and live musicianship… and feel we achieved that goal in spades!”
I can’t wait for everyone to hear the album and looking forward to what people think and feel about this album!”

Hurricane Riders will be released Feb 28th 2020, to coincide with Snake Oil & Harmony‘s next live dates. Both artists are thrilled to be taking the brand-new album they have created together out on the road, along with their respective solo material, plus classic Dan Reed Network and Tyketto songs on the bill. Snake Oil & Harmony gigs showcase the unique chemistry and kinship of two master singers, songwriters and storytellers, not to mention infectious melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.

For a limited time, you can pre-order the first Snake Oil & Harmony album at Townsend Music. Pre-orders will be taken from now until Feb 3 and all those who purchase in advance will receive their copies by Valentine’s Day!

Pre-order link

UK Tour Dates:

March 12: Putney, London, The Half Moon

March 13: Milton Keynes, The Craufurd Arms

March 14: Sheffield, Local Authority @ The Corporation

March 15: Newcastle Upon Tyne, The Cluny

March 17: Chester, The Live Rooms

March 18: Bristol, The Fleece

March 20: Aberdare, Wales, Jacs

March 21: Stoke On Trent, Eleven

March 22: Bilston, The Robin 2

March 24: Blackpool, The Waterloo

March 25: Glasgow, Cottiers Theatre

March 27: Manchester, Night People

March 28: Ballymena, NI, The Diamond