British symphonic metal outfit Serpentyne‘s latest video and single ‘Away From The World‘,  is taken from their recent late 2019 album ‘Angels Of The Night‘.

Serpentyne are a symphonic metal band from the UK.
Their music blurs the lines between folk, Celtic music and metal, creating a diverse and kaleidoscopic sound.

The band combines symphonic elements with female lead vocals and lyrics centered around myths, legends, historical figures and folklore.

Each song is an immersive listening experience, where the lyrics, music and attitude of the performers come together to perfection.

In addition to the band’s cinematic penchant for engaging storytelling, the quality of their productions is undeniable. The sound is crisp, direct and in the same class as the world’s most celebrated symphonic metal bands.

Maggiebeth, the lead singer, has a unique way of enticing the audience, showcasing a fantastic dynamic range, as well as matching the band’s intensity to perfection. From hard-hitting and raw, to melodic and highly nuanced, Serpentyne are a metal band with a unique allure to their sound, and their quickly rising reputation speaks for itself.

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British symphonic metal band Serpentyne‘s new album ‘Angels of the Night‘ will be released on 21st November 2019 on Hell Fairy Records. This is the first release on this new label by Painted Bass International which focuses on symphonic metal.

Angels of the Night‘ has been inspired by dark, strong, unusual, or special female characters, such as Lady Macbeth (from Shakespeare’s story), Lady Serpentyne (from the legend of Medusa), Boudicca (the Celtic Queen and warrior), Aphrodite (the Greek goddess of love), The Call of the Banshee (the dark fairy of the Celts), and of course, Angel of the Night! (The story of a girl who was turned into a vampire by her lover). Not only the lyrics of this album have a darker tone, but the music as well, it has more of a dramatic feel within the dynamics of the development of each story.

Upcoming live shows

7 mar 2020 – Altice Arena, Sala Tejo, Lisbon [POR]
8 mar 2020 – Gamma, Murcia [ESP]
9 mar 2020 – BUT, Madrid [ESP]
11 mar 2020 – Santana 27, Bilbao [ESP]
12 mar 2020 – Apolo, Barcelona [ESP]
13 mar 2020 – Le Silo, Marseille [FRA]
15 mar 2020 – Le Laiterie Artefact, Strasbourg [FRA]
25 apr 2020 – Union Chapel, London [UK]

Serpentyne was created by Maggiebeth Sand, inspired by Celtic, Folk, operatic and cinematic music styles.

The band’s previous album ‘The Serpent’s Kiss‘ featured mythic & medieval themes, combined with a hard rock metal sound. This fusion won the band its place as finalists in the Metal To The Masses, London contest, 2018.

Serpentyne has been playing extensively around the UK and the rest of Europe. Recent major tours include ‘A Nordic Symphony‘ supporting Tarja Turunen and Stratovarious with 22 dates throughout 11 European countries, a hugely successful and well received tour, again with Tarja throughout Ukraine and Belarus, and touring throughout Europe supporting legendary metal band Soulfly.

Fronted by classically trained soprano singer Maggiebeth Sand, and backed by Lee Willmer on guitar, Nigel Middleton on bass, Vaughan Grandin on bagpipes and John Haithwaite on drums. Serpentyne combines a unique mix of symphonic and folk metal styles, with themed songs about historical figures and legends, such as Boudicca, The Valkyries, Viking Blood, Helen Of Troy, Jeanne d’ Arc, and The Dark Queen, amongst many others.

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