In advance of the re-issue of Empire‘s ‘The Raven Ride‘, they have posted an Official video for the title track.

Empire is the Hard Rock band of German guitarist Rolf Munkes (ex Majesty, ex Razorback, Crematory) which has released four exceptional albums in between the years of 2001 and 2007. On these releases, Munkes was accompanied by numerous high-class musicians.

The history of Empire began in the year 2001 with the release of the album ‘Hypnotica‘ (Lion Music) which featured both the American singers Mark Boals (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen) and Lance King (ex Nightmare) on vocals. The line-up at the time was completed by Neil Murray (bass, ex Whitesnake, Brian May Band, Black Sabbath etc.), Gerald Klos (drums), Anders Johansson (drums, ex Stratovarius) and Don Airey (keyboards, ex Rainbow, Deep Purple). Rolf Munkes produced ‘Hypnotica‘ himself; the mix was handled by Stefan Kaufmann (ex Accept, ex U.D.O.).

Only one year later, ‘Trading Souls‘, the band’s second album came out on Lion Music. The CD once again was produced by Munkes with the mix being handled by Kaufmann. On this release, singer extraordinare Tony Martin (ex Black Sabbath) replaced King and Martin on the vocal spot.

Tony Martin also sang on the – up until now – most successful CD from Empire, ‘The Raven Ride‘, which was released in 2006 on German label Metal Heaven. Besides of Munkes, who, for the first also produced and mixed this release himself at his own Empire Studios in Bensheim, Germany, Neil Murray took again care of the bass work whilst the drums this time were handled by ex-Rage/ex-Axxis drummer André Hilgers.

In 2007, the so far last album of Empire saw the light of day. ‘Chasing Shadows‘ was once again released on Metal Heaven and the first record feat. former Rainbow singer Doogie White in the line-up. Mike Terrana (ex Rage, ex Axel Rudi Pell, Tarja Turunen) joined the group on drums.

In 2017, German label Pride & Joy Music will re-issue all four releases in a revised version. ‘The Raven Ride‘ will be released on August 18th, 2017 and include one bonus track.



Norway rocker Vitne will release his brand new single ‘Make Believe‘ featuring the b-side song ‘Lost & Found‘, worldwide on January 17, 2017. The title track showcases Vitne’s ability to hook the listener almost immediately with irresistible melodies and strong vocals, developing into an introspective, atmospheric hard rock anthem. ‘Lost & Found‘ is another hooky hard rock track with heavy punk influence, a remixed version of Vitne’s 2015 single of the same name. Both tracks feature the lead guitar work of glam metal guitarist Julian Angel, wrapped up in a fantastic mix and master by Crematory’s Rolf Munkes.

Vitne’s latest songs “Make Believe” and “Lost & Found” expand on his introspective melodic hard rock sound.
As a composer, performer and multi-instrumentalist, the former Seks and Hart front-man has largely left his glam-metal past behind, save for the evident influence it has had on his songwriting. “I love great glam and hair-metal, but as a solo artist, I am not constrained one specific thing,” states Vitne. “That freedom is liberating. And ultimately, that is the theme of this single: Liberation from one’s self-limiting habits.” In terms of sound and style, both songs exhibit hints of Vitne’s primary musical influences like GacktBilly IdolX Japan and Winger.

Make Believe‘ will be Vitne’s first release of 2017, coming off two single releases in 2016, ‘Masquerade‘ and ‘Lion‘, with the former earning him two award nominations by the 2016 IMEA Awards. It also marks Vitne’s first release on Patreon. Through PatreonVitne offers an array of patron-only exclusive bonus material including original demos, pre-mixes, hand-signed lyrics and behind-the-scenes videos during the making of the songs.


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The Day The Earth Stopped Turning artwork

You now have the chance to listen to a track from the upcoming album ‘The Day The Earth Stopped Turning‘ from the Carsten Lizard Schulz Syndicate.

Postcards From Hell‘ so written by Carsten Lizard Schulz and Shakra‘s Thomas Muster and features Markus Kullmann, Steffen Seeger, Holger Seeger, Thomas Hutch Bauer & Oliver Güttinger.

Mixed by Rolf Munkes.

The Day The Earth Stopped Turning

Khaøs Risen


Swiss/US rockers Khaøs have today revealed more information regarding the release of their much anticipated debut album ‘Risen’. Recorded by Rolf Munkes at his Empire Studios in Germany and mastered by music legend and award winner for Adele’s ‘21’ Tom Coyne at Sterling Sound in New York; ‘Risen’ follows the bands revered 2012 ‘Rising’ EP and will be released on 20th October via Plastichead Distribution/MRR Records.

Guitarist Mark Rossi comments: “The subject matter transcends individual boundaries, hearkening to darker scenarios yet striving for resolution. The lyrical approach follows a trend of maintaining hope while facing difficulty and conflict. All the evil of mankind cannot suppress the people if they won’t let it. Aside from the lyrics and tone, the project’s unifying element is one of hard rock expression, which defies definition with every song.”

Frontman Chandler Mogel (also of Outloud & Chrome Public) adds: “Musically and lyrically ‘Risen’ is a continuation from ‘Rising’, which was just a taste but began to touch on some of the deeper subject matter that I wanted to develop further into my writing; I had also been writing some Outloud songs with deeper meanings but for me it wasn’t really working in that setting. I knew I needed a different approach musically for it, and Khaøs seemed like the right fit so I channeled this focus there. I wanted an outlet to really convey problems with society, personal struggles, mental mechanisms, and the reasons for all of this. As always I leave the lyrics open to interpretation from the listener as each person will take something different from them, but these are general themes that are prevalent here.”

‘Risen’ Track Listing
01) After The Silence
02) Crisis Factor
03) Exalted
04) Loaded Question
05) End Of Daze
06) Merchants Of Khaøs
07) Ride The Chain
08) Hung The Moon
09) Imagined Danger
10) Static Windows
11) As Far As We Go
12) The Breathing Room


German based Hard Rockers Dead End Heroes release the promo video for the title track from their debut album Roadkill on AOR Heaven.

The band features vocalist Carsten Lizard Schulz (Evidence One, Domain), guitarist and producer Rolf Munkes (Empire, Tony Martin, Majesty), musical mastermind and drummer Daniel Voegeli (Me & The Rest), bassist Paul Logue (Eden’s Curse,Doogie White, David Readman) and keyboard player Holger Seeger (Midnite Club, Iain Ashley Hersey).

Roadkill was released by German label AOR Heaven on June 27th and has been earning rave reviews amongst the Rock & Metal press.

Dead End Heroes band

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Khaøs is back!

After their critically acclaimed debut EP ‘Rising’ appeared in late 2012, Khaøs are now ready to release a brand new single entitled ‘After The Silence’.

‘After The Silence’ will be released on July 14th 2014 and is the first single from the forthcoming full-length album ‘Risen’. The single will be digitally available worldwide on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and on all other digital platforms.

Recorded by Rolf Munkes at his Empire Studios in Germany and mastered by music legend and award winner for Adele’s ‘21’ Tom Coyne at Sterling Sound in New York; ‘After The Silence’ is the perfect song to introduce the very first Khaøs full-length album.

“’After The Silence’ is the anthemic track that kicks off the album. It’s about finding one’s self in a war-torn world and bonding together with like-minded people in order to start a peaceful revolution. We face a lot of difficulties throughout our daily lives and in a world where that seems to be the norm, sometimes the only thing we seem to have is ourselves and what we know.”

Alongside the single the band is going to release an official videoclip. Directed by the talented Swiss director Can Isik (Beauty of Gemina). The video was shot in a burnt down factory area in Arbon Switzerland and will premiere on Youtube on July 14th.

‘Risen’ Lineup: Chandler Mogel – Vocals | Mark Rossi – Guitars | N i c Angileri – Bass | Trevor Franklin – Drums

After The Silence