Rockshots Records is proud to announce their latest signing Black Hole for the release of their new album ‘Whirlwind of Mad Men‘ due out on November 11th, 2022. Presenting anthemic guitar riffs, powerful rhythms, frenzied solos, and enlightening vocals, brace yourself for a power metal band that’s progressive, symphonic, and strongly influenced by masters of […]

Italy’s 17 Crash will be releasing their fourth studio album “Stamina” on November 18th via Rockshots Records. Offering up a fresh, powerful, melodic, loud, and modern sound, 17 Crash will take you on a journey with a rock n’ roll ride to your favorite destinations and it begins with the album’s first single ‘My World‘ accompanied by a music video. “This song was written to show how our world is really shaped and all the things we want/don’t want from it. […]

Rockshots Records announces its signing of the international collective Silent Angel, an Italian / Malaysian-based band that has its foundations deeply rooted in power and symphonic metal with a mix of progressive along with Japanese metal influence. Silent Angel will be releasing their first full-length entitled ‘Unyielding, Unrelenting‘ for release in 2023. Originally formed in 2000, and taking over a decade-long hiatus, the band returned […]

Rockshots Records is proud to announce their signing of Finnish rockers Leaflet for the release of their sophomore album ‘Something Beyond‘ in 2023. The album follows their debut album ‘Outta Door‘ released through VR Label Finland in 2017. The band comments on ‘Something Beyond‘: “With this album, we are definitely showing that rock music is alive and pumping! The album is full of catchy […]

Today the spotlight is being focused on Norwegian solo metal artist Anniken and her latest single off her forthcoming debut album ‘Climb Out of Hell‘ on May 13, 2022 via Rockshots Records. Entitled, ‘Spotlight‘, the single and album opener kicks is a track that many musicians can relate to. It’s about the anxiety and desire for success along with the love and hate relationship of being […]

Italian classic 80’s hair metal-inspired band Sandness will be releasing their fourth studio album entitled ‘Play Your Part‘ this coming May 2022 via Rockshots Records. The album follows their two previous released records on Rockshots Records, 2020 EP ‘Enter Please‘ (2020) and 2019 LP ‘Untamed‘. The new album is produced, mixed and mastered by Michele Guaitoli and features twelve original tracks including a bonus cover version […]