Munroe’s Thunder, fronted by the renowned power-metal vocalist, Ronny Munroe, have inked a worldwide deal with RFL Records & Entertainment and are thrilled to announce the new album ‘The Black Watch‘, releasing on November 11th. Ronny Munroe Comments: “Munroe’s Thunder, ‘The Black Watch‘, is loosely based on my family heritage, as some of my ancestors were actually […]

The unparalleled voice of metal, Ronny Munroe and Monroe’s Thunder, have inked a Worldwide deal with RFL Records & Entertainment for the project Munroe’s Thunder; Announce new album ‘The Black Watch‘, set for an October 28th release. Six years in the making and well worth the wait, the project known as Munroe’s Thunder, prepares to unleash […]

Brazilian guitar wizard, Alex Meister, known worldwide for his work in front of the bands Pleasure Maker and Marenna-Meister, has inked a worldwide deal with RFL Records & Entertainment (USA). Meister has rekindled his solo career and launches the new single titled ‘It Ain’t ‘Bout Love‘. The song is a very radio friendly, melodic gem that offers a chorus that runs through your brain and injects the masterful guitar […]