Radioux City‘s ‘Soul Survivor‘ is now available to order from AOR Blvd Records.

The album is in stock now, UK £10-00 Europe £13.50 USA, Australia and Japan etc £14.50 all including postage You can order the album Here

Gary Brandon is one of the original co founders of pomp LA band White Sister. A front man/ keyboardist/ songwriter in his own right  In 1985, believing that the group should be fronted by one singer, the record label took a decision behind the scenes that White Sister was no longer going to have alternative lead singers. In addition to this, and to make the situation worse, Gary’s role in the band was reduced to less lead vocals and a position of keyboard player.

In 1986, as Gary was extremely unhappy with this decision, he decided to quit the band during the early stages of what was going to be the second White Sister album ‘Fashion by Passion‘. Working on various songs that also a big part of the bands legacy

In order to survive, Gary found working in the John Parr Live Touring Band. This lay down the foundations to what would be the formation of his next band –  a band that would allow him to finally return to his originally intended path as front man, Radioux City.

In 1988, the first batch of demos were recorded. It was slow progress over the next three years creating the lineup of musicians and forming the structure of Radioux City.

The decline of all forms of rock music and the 90s music scene has been well documented over the years with a move towards grunge Seattle sound. Unfortunately, victims of this move were Radioux City.

However, a quarter of a decade later, and finally released from the vault is a highly anticipated and worthy CD release on AOR Blvd Records, complete with new artwork and lyric booklet and remastered to capture the retro sound. In addition, there are three bonus tracks and a cover of Ted Nugent’s classic ‘Free For All‘.

The Radioux City sound is hard rock with a swagger and a mixture of infectious grooves.
The sound has been described as a meeting of King of the Hill, It’s Alive and some Early Extreme.

Track listing:
1. Scratch The Itch
2. You Make My Love Grow
3. Shake A Leg
4. Genie
5. I Created A Monster
6. Play That Funky Music
7. Soldier of Fortune
8.  Lookin’
9. Free For All
10. Slave For A Day
11. Filthy Dirty Dog
12. Show Me The Way
13. Big Lie
14. Moving Pictures

Line up:

Gary Brandon – Lead vocals and synth

Sammy Brown – Rhythmn guitar

Pete Kneser – Drums

John Perez- Lead guitar

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