Aussie rockers Palace Of The King  have released a new single and video for ‘Move Through The Fire‘.

Palace Of The King dig the raves, but this is one band that’s more than happy to let the music do all the talking. Their message is loud and proud. They believe in the power of rock.
After touring Australia with Rose Tattoo in 2018, Palace Of The King are reuniting with the rock ’n’ roll outlaws and returning to Europe in March 2020 for a monstrous run of dates.
Palace Of The King’s fourth album will coincide with the tour. As Joel O’Keeffe, Airbourne’s lead singer and guitarist, declared: “They are the real f*ckin’ deal and I can’t wait to see them setting fire to Europe soon!” Joel loves Palace Of The King so much, he poached the band’s guitarist, Matthew “Harri” Harrison – the ultimate compliment. After more than 700 gigs, including three headlining tours to Europe, Palace Of The King are road-hardened and ready to rock. Anywhere, anytime.


Tim Henwood – vocals, guitar
Sean Johnston – keys, guitar
Anthony Licciardi – bass
Cameron McGlinchey – drums


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Review: Palace Of The King – Get Right With Your Maker

Golden Robot Records (March 23rd 2018)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

There are certain bands that just hit you right between the ears & Palace Of The King certainly did that when I first heard their debut album ‘White Bird/Burn The Sky‘.

After following up with an equally great release ‘Valles Marineris‘, I guess I was wondering whether it would be third time lucky!

Well, I can breath easy as ‘Get Right With Your Maker‘ follows along the same lines as it’s predecessors.

The album kicks off with the first single ‘ I Am The Storm‘ a track that weaves and surrounds you in an all encompassing sound so familiar from the previous albums. Singer Tim Henwood’s unique sounding vocals still have that hint of Brian Johnson roughness mingled with Enuff Z’Nuff’s Donnie Vie which really helps give the songs a bit of an edge.

This is a band who’ve not let the ‘remoteness’ of Australia hold them back, with a relentless touring schedule, which in turn has helped bolster this album with that accumulated experience that has in turn lead to a tightness to the sound that you couldn’t pry apart with a crowbar!

The blend of 70’s guitar, harmonies and pounding beat certainly get your foot tapping and your head nodding along, you cannot help but reach for that volume knob and giving it a hefty increase in decibels.

It’s difficult to give an impartial review to something that ticks all your boxes and then some so I haven’t tried. All I can say is buy this release as soon as you can and strap those speakers down as they’re going to take a pounding!

Palace Of The King - Valles Marineris

Review: Palace Of The King – Valles Marineris

Listenable Records (July 2016)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

After the more than pleasant surprise of last year’s debut ‘White Bird / Burn The Sky‘ I’ve been more than a little impatient for the follow up.

Well at last it’s playing loud and proud through my headphones, ‘Valles Marineris‘ follows in the same vein as the band’s debut, which is more than fine in my book.

Kicking off with ‘Let The Blood Run Free‘, Tim Henwood’s vocals scream into your ears in what to my mind is a mash up of blues, rock and psychedelia. With lashings of organ, underpinned by a thumping yet tight bassline, this is more than asking you to crank it up. ‘Beyond The Valley‘ follows on with more than a catchy chorus and some great guitar work by Messrs Maden & Harrison.

Black Cloud‘ starts with some funkadelic guitar, think 70’s with a twist, before sliding into a rock / soul fusion. I defy anyone not to tap their feet. To add to the pure enjoyment, the band are joined on the track by none other than Mahalia Barnes, a singer whose work I absolutely love, and who adds that final element of proper R & B.

The Bridge Of The God’s‘ once again soaks us in that heady 70’s sound. I found myself imagining I was sitting on the floor, back to the sofa reading sleeve notes. Nostalgia yes, but old fashioned? Not a chance. Next up we have the first single ‘ We Are The Vampires‘. Now I’m not sure if this is self biographical lol, but who cares with music this good.

Next we have ‘Empire Of The Sun‘, although there’s the same underlying sound, there’s a slight change in style to my ears, nothing widely different, just subtle changes to the vocal sound methinks. This is certainly airing towards being one of my favourites on the album. ‘Sick As A Dog‘ once again loads up the funk cannon and blasts you right in the old lug holes! This really is a fine example of a foot stomper.

The intro to ‘River Of Fire‘ has more than a hint of the Beatles ‘Come Together’, giving us a superb guitar riff throughout and once again such a catchy chorus. Another of my favourites without a doubt. I just love the production on this album, ‘Throw Me To The Wolves‘ is such a fine example of what a mix should sound like. No one instrument overpowering another, a punchy bassline that isn’t boomy and a warmth to the sound.

Now we unfortunately have almost run out of time as we reach the final track. ‘Into The Black‘ firmly nails itself to the blues rock sound, but also full of atmosphere, the keyboards moving away from the Hammond sound to reinforce that atmosphere. I admit it , I’ve come back to this track again and again. Just superb.

So there we have it. I’ve made it more than a little obvious that I love the band and that I’m absolutely delighted with ‘Valles Marineris‘. Don’t take my word for it, order yourself a copy forthwith. As for me, I’ll be getting this this on vinyl.


Palace Of The King - White Bird Burn The Sky

Aussie rockers Palace Of The King have released an Official video for the track ‘Take Your Medicine‘.

Taken from their superb 2015 debut album ‘White Bird / Burn the Sky‘, the video was filmed between October 2015 and April 2016 while on tour in Europe, the USA and Australia, this is 6 months in the life of Palace Of The King.

The band’s follow up album ‘Valles Marineris‘ will soon be available for pre-order.

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Palace Of The King - Valles Marineris

Less than twelve months after releasing their critically-acclaimed debut album, Melbourne-based rock n’ roll nomads Palace Of The King are pleased to announce the upcoming release of their second full-length album, ‘Valles Marineris‘.

Set to land on 15th July 2016, ‘Valles Marineris‘ deepens Palace Of The King’s footprint on the international rock music scene by expanding on the “raw, energetic, imaginative and boundary-pushing” (Dedicated Rocker Society) qualities of their debut through an all-new 10 track collection of blues and psych-infused hard rock.

Led by the bruising gospel-tinged riffathon of ‘Let The Blood Run Free’, Valles Marineris is both eclectic and unrelenting right through to the final eerie piano fadeout of album closer ‘Into The Black’.

Vocalist Tim Henwood comments “I feel like we’re really honing in on our own distinctive sound now. I love our early recordings but after travelling around the world and playing over 300 shows in our first three years as a band, we’re growing and evolving. It’s real, it’s from the heart and we can’t wait to let this one out of the box.”

Having always placed equal importance on the visual component of each release, the band once again enlisted award-winning tattoo artist Kristian Kimonides for the album artwork, whose original painting was inspired by the music and lyrics of Valles Marineris.

With extensive tour dates already scheduled in Australia, USA and Europe, 2016 is set to be Palace Of The King’s best and most prolific year yet.


1) Let The Blood Run Free

2) Beyond The Valley

3) Black Cloud

4) The Bridge Of The Gods

5) We Are The Vampires

6) Empire Of The Sun

7) Sick As A Dog

8) River Of Fire

9) Throw Me To The Wolves

10) Into The Black

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Palace Of The King

Australian riff heavy quintet Palace Of The King premiere a new music video for ‘No Chance In Hell‘ ahead of their European tour this October.

“Palace Of The King is literally like a huge ground shaking Palace of RIFFS, SOUL and Rock’n’Roll. They guarantee to tangle you up, reel you in and blow you away with their unique six-stringing, soul singing, sexy stomping Rock’n’Roll! They are the real deal” – Joel O’ Keeffe (Airbourne)

Steeped in bluesy swagger and riff-heavy psychedelia, this is rock and roll that leaves a trail of denim-clad soldiers and converted non-believers in its wake.

In 2015, it’s time for the White Bird to take flight. From three minute funk-infused rockers through to seven minute Sabbath-esque crushers, Palace Of The King has seized the opportunity to explore every intricate corner of their influences and craft a debut album that captures a band at a point where ‘scratching the surface’ isn’t nearly enough. Standby for an album that tears apart the 100-year history of the blues, adds a distinctly modern edge and smothers a ‘no holds barred’ attitude across 44 minutes worth of riff-a-minute, hook-laden rock and roll.
The ‘freight train’ metaphor may be overused and stale. But you’d be hard-pressed to find one that is better-suited to a band that has played over 200 shows and released a mountain of music at such a prolific rate, all within two years of striking their first chord as a band.
Turn it on, turn it up and strap yourself in for the ride. White Bird/Burn The Sky is about to launch stratospheric.
The all-new 10 track album ‘White Bird/Burn The Sky’ is out now via Listenable Records (A.D.A/Warner).
Formed in late 2012, Palace Of The King – nameless at that point – quickly recorded a three-track demo and developed the vision of a six-piece blues-infused rock and roll band. Far from a grave-robbing retro trip, Palace Of The King has just as much in common with Rival Sons, Graveyard and Jack White as they do Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple.
“I’ll be honest and say I’ve been eagerly awaiting this album after hearing the first single. And am I disappointed? Nope, far from it. This album is for you!” Rockposers Roulette

6th OOSTENDE (BE) @ Bada Bing
7th ARRAS (FR) @ Blue Devils
8th COLOGNE (DE) @ Die Kantine
9th KREFELD (DE) @ Kulturrampe
10th ALENÇON (FR) @ La Luciole
11th ROUEN (FR) @ Hipster Café
12th BILBAO (ES) @ Kafe Antzokia
14th A CORUÑA (ES) @ Mardi Gras
15th OURENSE (ES) @ Kafe Cultural
16th AVILES (ES) @ Centro Niemeyer
17th CANGAS (ES) @ Salason
18th LEON (ES) @ El Gran Cafe
20th MADRID (ES) @ Wurlitzer Ballroom
21st ESTEPONA (ES) @ Louie Louie
22nd ALICANTE (ES) @ Las Cigarreras
23rd CASTELLON (ES) @ Veneno Stereo
24th BARCELONA (ES) @ Rocksound
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