Matt Pearce and The Mutiny’s rip-roaring rebellion continues with the release of their eagerly awaited, second album (released today on Mutinear Records): one that’s been wowing reviewers far and wide. Guy B. of Great Music Stories awarded ‘The Soul Food Store’ 5/5 and made it Album of the Month: “Imagine Joe Cocker, Santana, Prince, Stevie Wonder and The Beatles having an impromptu late-night jam. The result might sound like the music on ‘The Soul Food Store’ – this album is a tribute to the freedom of music to engage, lift and inspire. This music flies free.” Like its fabulous, […]

Today, Matt Pearce and The Mutiny are releasing two videos ‘All The Gods’ and ‘Beautiful Disguise’ — an entrée that serves as a tempting taster of the top-quality treats to be found on their eagerly anticipated 11-track sophomore album ‘The Soul Food Store’ (due for release on 29th April, on Mutinear Records, but available for pre-order right now). As Matt himself explains with pride and glee, “Every banquet needs aperitifs, and every store opening needs to give samples of their wares. So, here are two very different tasters for y’all, from the backwards-guitar psychedelic grooves of ‘All The Gods’ to the string-octet-accompanied sweet Soul Food of ‘Beautiful Disguise’: these two will make sure you expect […]

Coming soon: The Grand Opening of ‘The Soul Food Store’! Matt Pearce & The Mutiny open Pre-orders for their brand-new album & release a storming Digital double A-side single. Matt Pearce and The Mutiny’s mighty, much-anticipated second album ‘The Soul Food Store’ can now be pre-ordered, and as an entrée a digital double A-side single: ‘All The Gods’ and ‘Beautiful Disguise’ is being released — […]

Matt Pearce & The Mutiny aim to add extra frisson to Valentine’s Day by releasing a brand-new single ‘Got A Thing Going On’: a tasty funk-filled dish straight from ‘The Soul Food Store’ (their fantastic second album), accompanied by its exuberant performance video. Listen to ‘Got A Thing Going On’ and you’ll hear the big, multi-layered sound that Matt Pearce & The Mutiny can create, with plenty of funk woven into the mix. You’ll feel sheer joie de vivre and fun too – very apt for a Valentine release! “I can’t wait to share the first song from my new album, and to show everyone that we definitely have ‘Got A Thing Going On‘!” says Matt, “The song has been in the live set for a while and was the first one written for the album, so it makes […]

The rebellion continues, con gusto!  Matt Pearce & The Mutiny announce their eagerly awaited second album. Under the tasty moniker of ‘The Soul Food Store’, the 11-track album brims with funky musical goodness: the kind of sound that Matt adores and set out to create when he first set out on his musical mutiny: smokin’ hot songs delivered with talent and passion, in a way that “sounds both vintage and modern at the same time!” (As Darren Redick of Planet Rock Radio described the Matt Pearce & […]