Review: Salvation Jane – Moves That Make the Record Skip

Self Release (2017)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Salvation Jane are a band I’ve seen live a few times and were initially what you’d generally call blues rock. However with changes in vocalist and not continuing with a keyboardist, the band have moved themselves musically more towards a gritty rock sound entwined with that bluesy influence.

That’s fine by me as someone with somewhat eclectic tastes, I think personally it was the right move, as the band are now able to pour far more energy and dare I say enthusiasm into the songs and live performance.

First track on this five track EP is ‘The Motel‘. It’s actually just a short intro into the music which kicks off properly with track two ‘Burn It Down‘. Now here’s a track which on it’s own should elevate the band to a bigger profile! Singer Chess Smith amply demonstrating her vocal talents, with the music ranging from full on rock to a more subtle sound half way through, with some exemplary guitar work from Holly Kinnear. Holly’s to my mind yet another example of the sheer talent we have in the UK with young guitarists coming to the fore.

The Jailer‘ would be what I’d term the dirty end of the blues. Certainly not a track for the traditionalists, but we need these young bands to push the boundaries and bring more young people into the fold. A solid bass line takes us into ‘Thrillride‘ with Chess Smith’s vocals sounding a little like Colleen Rennison, a good solid foot tapper of a song, again emphasising the abilities of the band.

Whorehouse Down On The S.E.‘ is another downright dirty blues number, the guitar just dragging your imagination into a bourbon soaked dive in the Deep South, certainly my second favorite track on the EP.

I’d love to hear a full album’s worth of material, but hopefully this EP does help elevate the band to that higher profile ahead of possible said album.