Review: Meridian – Margin Of Error

Mighty Music (March 22nd 2019)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Meridian, the Danish melodic metal band, return with a brand new album ‘Margin Of Error‘, comprising of eleven tracks, four of which I’m more than familiar with as they were on the band’s EP ‘The Fate of Atlantis‘ released last year.

Having heard that the four tracks would be on a full album I kind of knew what to expect. Or so I thought….’Margin Of Error‘ just takes everything up several notches, giving us a fully emersive album which I have not stopped playing.

Guitarists Martin J. Anderson and Marco Angioni have both been busy with their involvement with hard rock band REƎCE, helmed by vocalist David Reece, resulting in the album ‘Resilient Heart‘ which was in my top ten releases from last year Hence the two year gap since the last Meridian album ‘Breaking The Surface‘.

To bring up something I mutter often, if the vocals don’t suit me then the album won’t light my dials. But in singer Lars Märker, the band have an absolute star, whose vocal talants are superb. I have long shouted about the talents of Martin J. Anderson, from when I first heard him in his other band Blindstone, a seriously underated guitarist. Not to say Marco is lacking in talent, hell no!. Peter Bruun – bass, and Klaus Agerbo – drums supply that pounding, controlled soundtrack that punches you squarely in the gut.

With eleven terrific tracks, ranging from the pounding opener ‘The Devil Inside Us All‘, the hard rock feel of ‘The Fate Of Atlantis‘, a track which wouldn’t be out of place on an Eden’s Curse album, to the Iron Maiden like ‘Scream For Me‘, this album will appeal to a wide range of rock fans.

I know it’s only January, but ‘Margin Of Error‘ is already looking like a worthy contender for a favoirte release of 2019.

Verdict……..order it now!

Denmark’s melodic heavy metal band Meridian are releasing their third album ‘Margin Of Error‘ as the follow-up to the critically acclaimed ‘Breaking The Surface‘ from 2016. It’s the bands third album, but it contains a couple of firsts. It’s the first full album made with guitarist and producer Marco Angioni, and it’s the first album written and recorded with a stable line-up, all sharing the same musical vision.

Work on the album began in 2017 where various writing sessions resulted in the basic foundation for eight new tracks. The band went straight into Death Island Studios to try out, and test drive the new working relationship with Marco at the helm. Four songs where recorded and released as the digital EP ‘The Fate Of Atlantis‘ in March 2018. In early 2018 Martin and Marco took some time off to write and record a new album with former Accept singer David Reece. The album ‘Resilient Heart‘ is a big success and showcase, apart from Reece as the great singer he is, also Martin and Marco as the talented songwriters and performers they are. In the summer of 2018 the band finished off the songwriting and headed back into the studio to record the remaining seven songs for the album.

Musically the songs varies from melodic rock like the first single ‘Second Best‘, over hard hitting metal anthems and slowpaced heavy monsters to the all out thrashy ‘Disconnect‘, which contains guest appearance from Steve Smyth (One Machine, Nevermore, Testament etc.) on lead guitar.It’s a varied musical landscape, but all 11 tracks are well crafted songs with strong vocal melodies and memorable choruses you can sing along to.

Lyrically the songs deals with important topics like war (Off To War), death (Circle The Drain), global warming (The Fate Of Atlantis), over personal topics like mental illness (Fragments Of A Life) and fighting inner demons (The Devil Inside Us All), to dealing with modern day life where everybody is constantly online (Disconnect). ‘Margin Of Error‘ is the new album from Meridian. It’s the most coherent and well crafted collection of songs from a band that’s better than ever. Meridian is heading out on the road in 2019 to support the album.

Lars Märker –vocals
Martin J. Andersen –guitars
Marco Angioni –guitars
Peter Bruun –bass
Klaus Agerbo –drums

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