Today, modern-day soul & powerhouse blues sensation Sari Schorr releases her brand-new live album, ‘Live in Europe’, on Manhaton Records. To celebrate the occasion, she’s sharing the live video of ‘Ain’t Got No Money’ that gives an exhilarating taste of the live Sari Schorr experience. What’s more, Sari will soon be setting out on a new ‘Live in Europe’ tour in March & April 2020, visiting 8 different countries and playing over 30 dates across The Continent – her biggest tour yet!

Live in Europe’ was recorded during Sari’s 2019 tour of Europe, in venues as far apart as Rapperswil in Switzerland and Suffolk in England. The concert tracks were expertly recorded, mixed and mastered by Henning Gehrke and capture this powerhouse singer’s dynamic presence and much-acclaimed vocal talent.

Although a trained opera singer – with all the range, sheer power and skill you’d expect – Sari Schorr’s voice also has the right amount of grit to make her a world-class rock, blues and soul singer. ‘Live in Europe’ not only captures that presence, power and range, but also the talents of her top-flight band: 

Sari’s Live Band for UK Dates comprises: Sari Schorr (vocals); Ash Wilson (guitar & vocals); Mat Beable (bass guitar & vocals); Bob Fridzema (keyboards & vocals), and Roy Martin (drums). In addition, these following musicians also featured on the live album: Stevie Watts (keyboards); Martin “Magic” Johnson (drums); and Steve Wright (acoustic guitar.)

The 12-track album contains 10 live tracks, plus two bonus, previously-unreleased, acoustic tracks, recorded for the BBC in the UK. There’s original material aplenty in the playlists and some well-chosen covers that leap into to new life with Sari’s performance,

Check out the live video to get a taste, then get the new album for the full feast. Signed Digipak CD copies are available from Manhaton Records (,

Album retail link here –

whilst details of Sari’s 2020 European Tour can be found on her website:

Sari SchorrLive In Europe’ will be out on Manhaton Records on 6th March 2020, followed by her biggest European tour yet, comprising over 32 dates across the continent and the UK in March and April.

In her own words: “The time had come for me to get a bit messy. Too much of my life was becoming cleaned-up in the carefully curated world of social -media where we retouch our faces and bodies and carefully edit our words. Recording a live album was a blunt attempt to fend off the perfectionism of the technological world,” says Sari.

Every year there is seemingly a constant parade of must-hear singers right? Not really. They come along rarely if they’re the real deal, as rarely as a seminal live album actually. Meet Sari Schorr. What makes her different is what makes all the others the same. She’s got talent, who hasn’t, but she has depth, life experience (like helping out in Haiti after the earthquake). She has real stories to tell. Sari is one of the few singers that can be, and is, mentioned in the same breath as Joplin. What you get is Blues with 3 Michelin Stars served in a New York diner. Don’t forget to leave a tip!

Sari’s brand-new, 12-track live album was recorded on the last tour, and serves as a perfect illustration of why you’ll want to catch the next one. We are treated to the passion of original songs from her two studio albums and two reworked covers, ‘Black Betty‘ and ‘I Just Want To Make Love To You‘, both hot favourites with audiences. These stunning live recordings from across Europe, along with two previously-unreleased acoustic tracks recorded for the BBC in the UK, truly make this album an object of desire. For Sari “there is an honestly in a live performance that allows me to be vulnerable and uncensored.

We are in uncharted territory, and to use superlatives that have been wrongly applied to lesser performers in the past, mostly by ad agencies, would be to cheapen something exceptional. Perhaps the best words are actually the names of other exceptional artists Sari stands alongside, like Tina Turner, Elkie Brooks and the already mentioned Janice Joplin.