WDFD Records Ltd are delighted to announce that Anglesey-based rock band BAD DOG have released a stunning new single – ‘Jupiter‘.

The track is from their recently released self-titled 4-track EP and is available for purchase or streaming from all the usual online platforms. Full of punchy riffs and power packed rhythm with nimble lead guitar, pulsating bass lines and catchy vocal melodies, the songs also translate perfectly to a dynamic live show. Indeed it was at a festival that Keith Lamley, owner of WDFD, first saw BAD DOG and decided there and then that he needed to have the guys on board.

BAD DOG are managed by Epic Venom Rock Band Management, and along with WDFD RECORDS, the band are hell bent on showing a wider audience what 4 friends from a sleepy town in North Wales have to offer.

BAD DOG‘s brand of high octane, uncompromising rock n roll is rapidly gaining fans from all over the UK and beyond. The band released a self-titled debut EP, which features four tracks that have been described as full of punchy riffs and power packed rhythm with nimble lead guitar, pulsating bass lines and catchy vocal melodies.

Live, however,  is where BAD DOG really shine. Delivering a relentlessly energetic set that is extremely tight but full of groove and spontaneity at the same time. They make full use of their performance area be it a small club or a big festival stage often even extending it by spilling into the crowd to perform. They have headlined many of the festivals in North Wales and supported acts such as LA Guns, Electric Boys, Quireboys, Big Country, Dan Baird & Homemade Sin, Stacie Collins and Stone Broken. They are now looking to push out farther afield and spread the Bad Dog word around the UK.

Taking influences from Classic Rock, Metal, Blues, Funk and country they feel they haven’t even reached the tip of the iceberg of what they can produce and are very excited to share new music with everyone.

Line up:
Martin John Byast – Vocals, Guitar

Ben Langley – Bass

Oli Owen – Guitar

Mark David Beech – Drums



Norway’s melodic hard rock artist VITNE is back with a brand new single ‘Encephalon‘ together with a captivating new music video. This is VITNE‘s first new release since 2018’s single ‘Vanquish the Night‘. ‘Encephalon‘ seamlessly capture’s VITNE‘s knack for anthemic choruses and thought-provoking atmosphere.

VITNE‘s 2017 award-winning album ‘JUPITER‘ showed a darker side to his songwriting, and ‘Encephalon‘ continues this approach, albeit differently. The new single shows an even more experimental side while continuing forward with his own unique style of melodic rock.

Surfacing in the music world in Norway in 2013, over the years VITNE has drawn comparisons to artist heavyweights, notably being described as “Billy Idol meets X Japan“. With influences ranging from 80s glam, power metal and Japanese visual kei, his music has reached fans around the globe from Brazil to Russia and Japan, celebrated for its inspirational quality and feeling of perseverance. VITNE‘s music has also been featured in the Drums Hero video game and most recently included on the fourth volume of “When in Doubt, Wolf it Out“, a tribute album series dedicated to Andrew W.K.

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Since the success of 2017’s acclaimed album ‘Jupiter‘, Norway’s Melodic Hard Rock/Metal artist VITNE shakes the landscape with his newest single ‘Vanquish The Night‘, to be out today on all digital platforms. This will be one of your favorite releases before the year is out, and shows a very promising direction for VITNE‘s legacy.

With an inspirational and anthemic quality about his songs, VITNE‘s music has captivated fans around the globe by the masses and has been featured in a vast array of international publications from Brazil and Chile to Russia, China and Japan. Now following up the award winning ‘Jupiter‘ album, VITNE brings forth a powerful force behind his voice in his latest anthem ‘Vanquish The Night‘ and it does not disappoint.

Drawing comparisons to industry heavyweights and artists of his caliber including X Japan, Billy Idol and Gackt, VITNE‘s melodic presence and top of the line production value comes full circle in this new single and delivers up an eyebrow raising listening experience from the very first riff.

From soaring guitar leads, a pounding rhythm section and an exceptional showcasing of vocal ranges, “Vanquish The Night” puts a modern spin on an 80s Metal-infused approach with VITNE‘s signature touch we’ve all come to know and love since his inception into the market. The song is climactic, innovative and provides elements of symphonic overtones and a fantasy-like quality in different chapters of the song. There are twists and turns, but nothing out of place. This single is everything you’ll hope it’ll be plus so much more. It’s the type of song that is catchy, heavy and has that instant-classic status.

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