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Junkyard Release Official Video For ‘Cut From The Same Cloth’

Junkyard have released a brand new Official video for ‘Cut From The Same Cloth‘, which is taken from their latest album ‘High Water‘.

The band recently made a welcome return to the UK to play some dates. We managed to see them at Hair Metal Heaven, which was held on August Bank Holiday weekend.

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Junkyard Stream New Track ‘Styrofoam Cup’

In just under a week Junkyard will release their brand new album album, ‘High Water‘, on Acetate Records. This is Junkyard‘s first official album in 26 years. The band have shared the song ‘Styrofoam Cup‘, ahead of the release on April 21st.


Walk Away
Cut From The Same Cloth
Styrofoam Cup
Don’t Give a Damn
Hell or High Water
Til The Wheels Fall Off
Kindness to the Dead

Bonus tracks:

The River
Rome Is Burning
Don’t Give A Damn (acoustic)
Styrofoam Cup (acoustic)
Wallet (live)


David Roach – Vocals
Tim Mosher – Guitar
Todd Muscat – Bass
Patrick Muzingo – Drums
Jimmy James – Guitar

The band will be appearing at Hair Metal Heaven, on August 26th in Hull, UK

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Interview With Junkyard Vocalist David Roach

Interview with Junkyard vocalist David Roach about their upcoming new album ‘High Water’, their appearance at Hair Metal Heaven and the band’s future plans.

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Junkyard Set To Release New Album In April


Junkyard are all set to release a brand new album on April 21st on Acetate Records.

We maybe could have gone to some of the 1980s revival labels, and I think there was some interest from some of those labels. But we wanted someone who really understood what Junkyard did,” says Tim Mosher. “It just felt like a natural fit. Honestly, how it happened was I sent an email to Rick Ballard and said, ‘Hi, this is Tim from Junkyard, would you be interested in doing a Junkyard record?’ That was the level of pursuing a record deal for us. Junkyard doesn’t do the big, grand plan thing very well––I can say that. We don’t really know what we’re expected to sell or how we sell,” he says. “The requirements are for us to do a certain amount of shows within the year cycle of the record. 2017 will be more shows than we’ve done in the previous eight or 10 years, probably. We’re going to be out there playing and promoting it.”

That’s always been our stigma––that we were lumped in with the long hair bands of that era, but musically we didn’t really have that much in common with them,” says David Roach. “There was another scene going on simultaneously to the West Hollywood, Sunset Strip scene that people think about when they consider that period of rock & roll in L.A. A more alternative, garage rock scene including the Nymphs and Jane’s Addiction, that we were a part of.

Junkyard will be making a welcome visit to the UK as part of the Hair Metal Heaven festival in Hull, which takes place on 25 August–27 August.


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This Week’s Rockposer’s Radio Show……

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Featuring tracks from Carsten Lizard-Schulz Syndicate, Autograph, Junkyard, Joel Hoekstra’s 13,Kill Ritual & Chantel McGregor.

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Junkyard Release Official Video For ‘Faded’


American rockers Junkyard have released an Official video for the track ‘Faded

Junkyard is:
David Roach – Vocals
Brian Baker – Guitar
Tim Mosher – Guitar
Todd Muscat – Bass
Patrick Muzingo – Drums

Junkyard band


Official Website


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