Status Quo are delighted to announce the release of deluxe reissues of the ‘Heavy Traffic’ [3CD – Cat. No 0744345] and ‘Riffs’ [2CD – Cat. No 0744370] albums through UMC on 30th September 2022. This year marks the 20th anniversary of ‘Heavy Traffic’ which was the band’s milestone 25th album. This collection marked the rekindling of the writing partnership of Francis Rossi and Bob Young, who between them of course penned many of the band’s classics. Francis described the process of recording these songs as akin to having “a new lease of life”, whilst the band felt at the time that the […]

Status Quo’s John ‘Rhino’ Edwards is releasing a brand new single to help some of those ignored by the Government in these challenging times. ‘Rock Out To Help Out!‘ “The live music industry is on its knees.  That’s a fact. It’s one of the few areas we have left where Britain is still a world beater, but we’re well down the pecking order of Government help. We have to do something.  We can moan as much as we like, but actions speak louder than words. I’ve […]