The Winery Dogs

Review: The Winery Dogs/Inglorious

O2 Ritz, Manchester, 4 Feb 2016

Reviewer: Peter Scallan

At only just over £20 a ticket this seemed like an excellent value for money double bill combining the excellent and upcoming Inglorious and the seasoned pros of Messrs Kotzen, Sheehan and Portnoy of The Winery Dogs. As I was going to be in Manchester I just couldn’t resist a punt so I coughed up my dough for the show!

The Inglorious debut album is out in the next few weeks but I was fortunate enough to get an advance copy for review purposes and what an album it is. Therefore, I had been looking forward to seeing these guys based on the album. The set opened with the albums opening track Until I Die and from the get-go I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed. The guys thundered though this song with vocalist extraordinaire Nathan James giving it to us from the off. This was quickly followed by the lead track from the album (do we call them singles anymore?) Breakaway before the band took a quick breather and introduced themselves. Surprisingly next up was a cover of Rainbow’s I Surrender which sounded a little rushed to me but none the less continued to get the crowd onside.

Peter Scallan©

The band returned to their debut album and played High Flying Gypsy which sounded even better live to me than on the album. Bleed for You, Warning and You’re Mine which Mr James introduced by explaining it was co-written with Joel Hoekstra, all followed. However, the highlight of the set for me was the excellent Holy Water which truly shows off the talents of Mr James with its bluesy groove. Another cover followed in the shape of Toto’s Girl Goodbye in which the band demonstrated some very neat harmony vocals indeed, making me wonder why they don’t do this more! Girl Got a Gun was next and again highlights how the band use light and shade in their repertoire with the bluesy laid back verses and the raunchy riffed-up bridge leading into a killer chorus. Sadly, Unaware which was the next song was to be the last and closed the set just as it closes the album. However, I don’t think it will be the last we have heard of these guys. If you get the chance, check them out for yourself on their up and coming headlining club tour later in the month.

Headline act The Winery Dogs have been about for a couple of years as a unit but the guys in the band have CVs the length of Oxford Street in Manchester. With such virtuoso players inevitably one would expect lots of showboating and soloing as we were treated to some serious guitar, bass and drum porn! After all that’s what we paid our money for, is it not? Drawing songs for the set from both albums the opener was Oblivion from the latest album which has the feel of Mr Big. I suppose this is kinda inevitable considering two of the three guys are/were in that band. This was quickly followed by the corny Captain Love which I just lurv personally. From the opening riff to the bridge and that staccato chorus it’s just right up my street. The guys then dipped into the first album for We Are One which also rocked and Richie Kotzen showed his credentials as a vocalist too. Next up was Hot Streak which funked the proceedings up suitably and Billy Sheehan treated us to the first bass solo of the evening during this song. How Long was introduced on the drums by the magnificent Mike Portnoy whom I am sure had three arms at one point. Being fairly new to the band I didn’t recognise the next song which was Time Machine. Turns out my copy of the first album has Criminal on it instead. However, it certainly didn’t stop me enjoying the song.

The Winery Dogs
Peter Scallan©

There was also an impromptu round of happy birthday from the crowd for Richie, which used up one of Mike Portnoy’s between songs fills. The excellent Empire was rolled out before bassist and drummer left the stage to Kotzen sing Fire acoustically on his own. I hasten to add the Manchester crowd provided some stunning assistance during the choruses. The mellow theme continued with Ritchie sitting at the Wurlitzer piano to give a rendition of Think It Over aided and abetted by Messrs Sheehan and Portnoy. And it was just superb! Mike Portnoy then treated us to a superb drum solo intro for The Other Side from the first album and the guys moved back into first gear for this one. There was also an extended guitar solo and Portnoy decide to hit everything and anything with his sticks all over the stage to great effect and amusement. The guys stayed in top gear for Ghost Town before dropping down a gear or two for I’m No Angel, which was also superb, before closing the set with Elevate. When the guys returned for the encore they kicked off with the Wurlitzer intro of the awesome Regret which is blues rock of the highest order before Kotzen kicked in with guitar and lifts the song. The ultimate closing track was Desire in which the crowd had a second opportunity to demonstrate their vocal talent and did so with great gusto.

Quite possibly the best £20 or so I have spent in a long time, this bill didn’t disappoint. Its testament to just how good The Winery Dogs are that they took Inglorious out as the opening band as many bands might struggle to follow them with the quality of their songs and of course the vocal talents of Mr James! It’s just a pity that more people around the UK couldn’t get a chance to see these two together.

Stockholm Rocks

Avatarium has been added to the Stockholm Rocks Festival 2016 bill, set to take place May 7, 2016 at Debaser Medis in Stockholm, Sweden. This is the first live show ever in Stockholm for Avatarium – joining Inglorious and Grand Magus, more names to be announced soon.

Avatarium band

Avatarium deliver a special blend of heavy adventurous music. Think about Jethro TullBlue Oyster CultSabbath and Rainbow. It’s all there together with some delicate moments of beauty and frailness that you rarely find in a band these days. In Avatarium‘s music you will also hear tangents of pop and 60’s influences.

Inglorious band

Inglorious are five young men with a mutual love and respect of the classics of Hard Rock music, big guitar riffs, and soulful vocals. Their influences stem from iconic rock and roll shrine of Rock albums from the 1970s – many years before the band members were born.

Grand Magnus bandGrand Magus are a Swedish heavy metal band from Stockholm. The Sweden trio has always consequently sticked to its own path of evolution without ever leaving behind the gathered experiences – they’ve never casted off their early days’ groove nor their love for epic doom or extreme metal.

Stockholm Rocks Festival have also made a playlist for Stockholm Rocks Spotify Playlist.


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Review: Inglorious – Inglorious

Frontiers Music Srl (2016)

Reviewer: Peter Scallan

Inglorious is the one of the many new releases from Frontiers, but unlike many of the Frontiers releases these guys are a real band and apparently have signed a long term worldwide deal. Maybe Frontiers has recognised that to have a sustainable rock scene on a major scale requires bands to be developed and given time to develop. If so, then I most certainly applaud them! The band is fronted by singer Nathan James who seems to have been about for ages, despite being a youngster – well at least significantly younger than most of the other old codger singers kicking about. The band is a five piece with two guitarists and wants to bring back British rock, which I also applaud. However, if I am honest, I wasn’t that impressed with the cover of Burn mainly as Mr James opted to spend most of the song at the top end of his stratospheric range. So I approached this with some reservations, expecting more of the same. However, I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised but wasn’t. Instead I was completely and utterly blown away!

Much has been made of the comparison between these guys and Deep Purple and the intro to opening track ‘Until I Die’ reinforces this comparison. But for me the song has more in common with Rainbow, classic MSG in places and possibly Whitesnake because of the bluesier groove. It has a great riff and great verse and bridge breakdowns and a chorus without layers of backing vocals allowing the lead vocals to shine (author puts sunglasses on). ‘Breakaway’ is next and is a pacey rocker and sounds Iron Maidenish in places with Mr James sounding slightly like a young Bruce Bruce a la Samson’s Shock Tactics. The opening riff of ‘High Flying Gypsy’ and the crash as the band comes in really does it for me and I just love the chorus (or is it a bridge with the clever structure?) with some really powerful vocals carrying it along. However, for me the fourth song is really what I wanted to hear this guy do. Mr James has in the past demonstrated his technical excellence, stratospheric range and power but never quite nailed it in terms of the feel for me. He has now and then some! ‘Holy Water’ has a great bluesy riff and a superb groove and the vocals a just totally nail it from the soulful verses and powerful blues chorus – Glenn Hughes should be looking over his shoulder. It has a neat change of pace for the short solo section. Tony Iommi would be proud of the opening riff for ‘Warning’ before it changes tact and pace and turns into another pacey rocker with a stratospheric scream. Cleverly structured and arranged it keeps you interested throughout with Mr James stretching his lungs while still sounding effortless.

Onto the second half of the album and the pace changes with the acoustic opening of slow burner ‘Bleed For You’ and the softer side of Mr James voice is given an airing. Again, another well written and arranged song like all that have gone before it. This continues with ‘Girl With A Gun’ which is another powerful bluesy rocker. With great soft clean vocals during the verse and then getting as hard as a rock for the bridge, it has a great chorus to boot. ‘Your Mine’ is a stomping rocker which breaks to allow Mr James to fill the gap with great lines, building up into the bridge before dropping into a great chorus both musically and vocally. The self-titled title song ‘Inglorious’ opens with a hard edged chorus before dropping down into a great section with some phased (or is that a vocoder?) harmony vocals. This leads into the verse and a real hard-edged chorus and some great musical interludes. This is followed by an acoustic piece entitled ‘Wake’ and for me really gives Holy Water a run for its money as my favourite track. Mr James sings the verses magnificently and almost verges on singing falsetto before the lung-busting chorus. Often these kind of acoustic interludes overstay their welcome, but clocking in at just less than five minutes it is pure gold for me just because of the vocals, especially that note just before the solo section. Mr James I salute you and at the same time think, ‘Git!’ The album closer opens with some gentle piano playing and lulls us into a false sense of security before ‘Unaware’ kicks with great riff driven by a great rhythm. A fitting end to a superb album.

What can I say? Inglorious claim they want to re-establish British rock – check! It does what it says on the tin and then some. A real British rock album, with superb songs, great players and awesome vocals by a British band which clearly shows it influences, without ever really resorting to regurgitating or ripping off those same influences. It just ticks all my boxes. Time to hang my mic up me thinks as many other vocalists may well think when they hear this. Mr James – you have made a happy man feel very old! Think I will stay in the cupboard with the microphone!


British classic hard rock band Inglorious have launched the official music video for their forthcoming single ‘Until I Die’.  The single is taken from the eponymous debut album released by Frontiers Music SRL on Friday 19 February 2016.

Fans can pre-order the album from either iTunes or Amazon, and get a free grat track of the song ‘Breakaway’, plus the new single Until I Die.  Pre-order the album on iTunes:  Pre-order the album on Amazon:

Inglorious are being championed by Queen’s Brian May who recently told the band, “You guys really do look like a potent young Deep Purple but with a new slant – very Classic! “The musicianship is stunning. Good luck with it all – I’m sure you will do great. Amazing vocals, by the way!”

Inglorious will support their debut album by supporting The Winery Dogs on their European tour from 29 January until 17 February, followed by their official album launch concert a London’s Islington Assembly Hall on Sunday 21st February.

Inglorious are being hailed as one of the UK’s heaviest new hard rock bands to emerge from the British underground scene.  Originally formed in February 2014, the band is fronted by Nathan James, who made a name for himself having sung for the multi-platinum selling Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Scorpions guitar legend Uli Jon Roth.  Inspired by musical giants such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake, Bad Company, Aerosmith, the band’s song Breakaway has already found its way on to UK rock radio.  

Inglorious special guests on The Winnery Dogs  European Tour 2016

Esseigfabrik – Cologne, Germany                             Jan 29

Kulturfabrik – Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg      Jan 30

O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire – London, UK            Jan 31

O2 Academy – Bristol, UK                                             Feb 2

O2 Ritz – Manchester, UK                                             Feb 4

O2 Institute – Birmingham, UK                                   Feb 5

Trabendo – Paris, France                                              Feb 6

Kate Antzokia – Bilbao, Spain                                      Feb 8

Joe Eslava – Madrid, Spain                                           Feb 9

Apolo – Barcelona, Spain                                               Feb 10

Crossroads – Rome, Italy                                               Feb 12

Z7 – Prattelin, Switzerland                                            Feb 13

Backstage Halle – Munich, Germany                          Feb 15

Majestic Music Club – Bratislava, Slovakia               Feb 16

Barba Negra – Budapest, Hungary                              Feb 17


INGLORIOIUS Official Album Launch Concert

Islington Assembly Hall, London, UK                      Feb 21


Frontiers Music Srl are pleased to announce the debut album from Britain’s highly anticipated and freshest new Hard Rock band INGLORIOUS.   The self-titled, 11-track album will be released on Friday, February 19, 2016.

Pre-orders for Inglorious’ self-titled debut album can be placed on both Amazon: and iTunes:  All digital pre-orders include an instant download of ‘Breakaway‘, with more tracks being made available for download with pre-orders in the coming weeks and months leading up to release.  The song is currently A-listed on the UK’s leading classic rock radio station, Planet Rock.

Inglorious are five young men with a mutual love and respect of the classics of Hard Rock music, big guitar riffs, and soulful vocals.  Their influences stem from iconic rock and roll shrine of Rock albums from the 1970s – many years before the band members were born.  The same albums that have inspired generations of musicians and performers are noticeably evident when you listen to the Inglorious debut album.  This is the music they were born to play together – inspired by bands in the classic rock genre as diverse as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake, Bad Company, and Aerosmith.

Album Track Listing:

  1. Until I Die
  2. Breakaway
  3. High Flying Gypsy
  4. Holy Water
  5. Warning
  6. Bleed For You
  7. Girl Got A Gun
  8. You’re Mine
  9. Inglorious
  10. Wake
  11. Unaware

Formed in February 2014, the band is fronted by Nathan James and features Wil Taylor (rhythm guitarist), Andreas Eriksson (lead guitarist), Colin Parkinson (bass) and Phil Beaver (drums).

                                                Photo Credit: Nedim Nazerali
Photo Credit: Nedim Nazerali

Official Website 



Frontiers Music Srl is delighted to present one of the most talented new hard rock bands to emerge from the British underground scene – Inglorious !

Inglorious are five young men with a mutual love and respect of the classics of Hard Rock music, big guitar riffs, and soulful vocals.  Their influences stem from iconic rock and roll shrine of Rock albums from the 1970s – many years before the band members were born.  Formed in February 2014, the band is fronted by Nathan James, who made a name for himself having sung for the multi-platinum selling Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Scorpions guitar legend Uli Jon Roth.

Nathan was looking for like-minded musicians that desired to make incredible rock music in a very honest fashion.  Inspired by musical giants such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake, Bad Company, Aerosmith, the band has recently completed the recording of their self-titled debut album which will see the light of day in February 2016.  The band’s song ‘Breakaway‘ has already found its way on to Planet Rock’s playlist.

Inglorious will appear live at the Planet Rockstock Festival in Trecco Bay, Wales on December 4th and are working to set more shows around the release of the album.
Line Up:

Nathan James (lead vocals)

Wil Taylor (rhythm guitar)

Andreas Eriksson (lead guitar)

Colin Parkinson (bass)

Phil Beaver (drums)

The band will be performing a special showcase gig at London’s Gibson Showroom  on Thursday November 19th

Official Website