All hail the Eleventh Coming! All hail Hard Rock Hell!

Following in the footsteps of Hard Rock Hell‘s first-decade flagship celebration, Hard Rock Hell XI strides ever onwards, with a might and hi-octane swagger of its own, adding an amazing 25 bands to its already impressive line-up, bringing the total to 44!

Saturday night headliners Black Star Riders describe themselves as “lifers in an industry less secure than a secret in a soap opera.” Formed from recent members of Thin Lizzy, Black Star Riders have been described as the next step in the evolution of the legendary band.

The Graveltones are a crowd-rousing 2 piece heavy blues/rock and roll band, influenced by great artists such as Captain Beefheart, John Lee Hooker and Queens of The Stone Age.

Wayward Sons were formed last year by Toby Jepson (former frontman of GUN and Little Angels). “I feel I have unfinished business,” Toby explained, “stories still left to tell, points to make, noise to create; all of the above.” HRH XI is proud to present this established artist’s latest project.

Other acts joining the festival’s super tasty line-up include HRH favourites Toseland, Swiss rockers Sideburn, the big bluesy Southern-tinged rock of Buffalo Summer, psych rockers Goldray, and the descendants of Taint: Hark and the powerful three piece from California IDLEWAR. Not to mention Dead City Ruins, Bad Touch, Western Sand, The Blanko, The Brink, King Creature, Black Whiskey, Wicked Stone, Those Damn Crows, King Breaker, Kikamora, Blind River, Chasing Dragons, Bad Dog, Killit, and Beth Blade & the Beautiful Disasters.

These great artists join the many awesome acts already announced for HRH XI: Dee Snider, Airbourne, Reef, Lynch Mob, Y&T, Tyketto, GUN, Von Hertzen Brothers, Black Aces, Burnt Out Wreck, The New Roses, Syron Vanes, Killcode, Florence Black, Syteria, The Jokers, Fire Red Empress, The Cut, and Louder Still. (N.B. Previously-announced artists Femme Fatale have some of their guitarists playing out on another project, so have moved to HRH XII.)

HRH XI has been totally sold out since last November. The festival will follow the first official HRH Awards on Wednesday 8th November (details to be announced soon), taking place between Thursday 9th and Sunday 12th Nov 2017, amidst the beautiful backdrop of North Wales, at Camp HRH in Pwllheli.

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Even as Hard Rock Hell‘s triumphant flagship celebration of their first decade comes to a close,  HRH looks to the future with next year’s festival.

It’s no surprise that HRH have partied loud and hard in 2016, celebrating the landmark first 10 years of Hard Rock Hell on Earth.  The fans’ ears are still ringing,  hearts pounding, and the awesome buzz and energy of the festival is still in the air as the fans head home, but head honcho Jonni and his team are already loading up for the eleventh Hard Rock Hell.

HRH are proud to announce another kickass, fan-picked line-up for 2017: Australian powerhouse rockers Airbourne and classic 70s American hard rock/heavy metal band Y&T (originally formed as Yesterday & Today, and known as “one of the hardest-working blue-collar bands in hard rock history.”) From the U.K. come Glaswegian hard rockers GUN; also Syteria: the dynamic, female-fronted rock band from South Yorkshire. Then, adding European flavour to the proceedings, are The New Roses: Germany’s most exciting, successful new rock act.

HRH XI will take place between Thursday 9th and Sunday 12th Nov 2017, amidst the beautiful landscape of North Wales, at Camp HRH in Pwllheli. Once again the HRH community and family will come together for the ultimate mash-up of loud, live music and malarkey that makes up an HRH event, along with the quality accommodation you’d expect from Europe’s leading residential festivals.

“We’re not resting on our laurels or anything else: 2017 is going to be the biggest adventure yet!”  promises CEO Jonni Davis,  with trademark passion, “We’re taking the HRH experience out to Australia, NZ and Singapore; meanwhile some fresh new branches are growing from the HRH tree here in the U.K. – new genres and niches of rock and metal that our community want us to add into the mix. It’s going to be a Hell of a year, and of course we’ll still be delivering our core events. HRH XI is going to be the best yet! Bring it on!”

All hail the Eleventh Coming! All hail Hard Rock Hell 2017!

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