Thundermother founding member Filippa Nässil speaks directly to fans in new video posted on Blabbermouth today.  She confirms that the band is ready for the upcoming dates with Scorpions with a line-up featuring singer Linnéa Vikström (Therion, At The Movies), and returning bassist Majsan Lindberg. Blabbermouth reports that “…Nässil shared a six-minute video in which […]

Thundermother founding member Filippa Nässil let’s fans know not to worry. The band is set to stay on course for the upcoming dates with the Scorpions with some line-up changes. “The last year has been full of adventures, new impressions and we have made memories that will last forever. Unfortunately our journey ends in the constellation known to you until today and a new […]

Hardly any hard rock act has seen a rise recent years like the all-female rock band Thundermother. Following their latest, chart-breaking album ‘Heat Wave‘ (2020), that has been lauded by both fans and the international music press alike, August 19, 2022 will see the Swedish rock band release their hotly anticipated, new album, ‘Black And […]

Thundermother release their new single ‘Driving In Style‘, out now on AFM Records. The band’s upcoming new album ‘Heat Wave‘, due for release on 31st July, is the musical expression of the lifestyle of the Swedish high voltage rock’n’rollers: Thundermother don’t just play rock’n’roll. Thundermother are rock’n’roll! Be ready. Thundermother from Stockholm are the breathing and […]