Review: Jesse Damon – Damon’s Rage

AOR Heaven (28 February 2020)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Jesse Damon returns with solo album number six ‘Damon’s Rage‘. I’ll admit I’ve been a bit of a fan since first discovering Silent Rage (Jesse was vocalist & lead guitar) back in the late 80’s. Since those heady days I’ve followed his career with interest, enjoying the Silent Rage albums as well as Jesse’s previous five solo releases.

I guess I knew what to expect when it came to ‘Damon’s Rage‘ and fellow fans certainly won’t be disappointed as there is that distinct Jesse sound.

Together with long time musical partner Paul Sabu, Jesse has once again delivered a hard rock album that delves into AOR and melodic rock, all with a modern approach.

As to be expected the songwriting is above parr, with each song flowing seamlessly as the album progresses.

No chance of being short changed neither with the album containing twelve songs, all of which are over four minutes each.

Favorite tracks, ‘Damon’s Rage‘, ‘Flyin Dutchman‘ & ‘Lonely Night

Well worth adding to the collection and not just to complete your Jesse Damon catalogue!

The musical pathway of Jesse Damon’s life has been inspired by some of the biggest artists in rock music. Jesse’s story starts back in the glory days of the eighties as the lead singer and guitarist for the band Silent Rage that rose to fame in 1989 when signed by Gene Simmons to Simmons/RCA Records for their second release entitled ‘Don’t Touch Me There‘ which brought critical acclaim and rave reviews. It was deemed # 1 album on the European Charts. ‘Rebel With A Cause‘ was the single featured on MTV and the video placed into heavy rotation on MTV’s Head Bangers Ball. The strength of the album and video led to the band opening for Black Sabbath on their North American tour. During this time in Jesse’s career he formed a friendship with Gene Simmons of Kiss, co-writing songs together and eventually co-writing the song ‘Thou Shalt Not‘ from the Kiss album ‘Revenge‘ for which Jesse was presented a gold album award.

In 2002, he went on to record another co-written song with Simmons entitled ‘Everybody Needs Somebody‘ from his own debut album ‘The Hand That Rocks‘.  Jesse launched into a solo career and has recorded six of his own releases. The first five solo albums are a mix of well crafted melodic rock songs and intense ballads.

Jesse Damon‘s new album ‘Damon’s Rage‘ delivers a killer dose of powerful songs, rock ‘n’ roll anthems and unforgettable choruses! He’s known for his distinct vocals, songwriting and his  rocking guitar style by blending melodic rock with metal to create his own sound, but his songwriting is his main maestro that is prevalent throughout his performances on this new album. Acclaimed AOR artist Paul Sabu is at the helm once again producing this album and also co-writing two songs with Jesse titled ‘Love Gone Wild‘ and ‘Wildest Dreams‘.

This time around all tracks were recorded by Jesse Damon and Paul Sabu and everything was on they’re shoulders. From the beginning of recording this album Jesse felt he had a collection of great songs and they both decided to conquer this task and tackle it on their own.

Jesse Damon has released a video for ‘Love Gone Wild‘ (Official Audio) taken from his brand new album ‘Damon’s Rage‘.

Damon’s Rage‘ will be released on February 28th via AOR Heaven.


1.Play To Win

2.Love Gone Wild

3.Shadows Of Love

4.Damon’s Rage

5.Electric Magic

6.Love Is The Answer

7.Tell Me Lili

8.Here Comes Trouble

9.Lonely Tonight

10.Flying Dutchman


12.Wildest Dreams

Line Up:
Jesse Damon – Lead and Backing Vocals / Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Paul Sabu – Bass / Backing Vocals / Keyboards / Drums – Programming