British industrial rock band KILL II THIS have released a video for the second track from their as yet untitled new album.  The release of the new song coincides with the announcement of the band’s forthcoming appearance at HAMMERFEST on 21st March in Prestatyn, Wales as well as two headline UK dates later in the year.

Speaking about the new track, guitarist Mark Mynett said, “The new album is coming on really well.  We do have a title for the album but we’re not giving it away yet!  We are working a little differently on the new album, mostly because we are recording at my studio and I am handling the mixes, which allows us to be quite relaxed and work on songs in a less regimented way than we otherwise would. ‘Coma Karma‘ just happened to be ready and mixed quite early in the process so we thought we would put it out there.   It’s stylistically different from the first single we released, ‘Sleeper Cell‘,but it’s still a heavy track.   We’ve also made a bit more use of technology and samples on this one.

KILL II THIS forthcoming live dates:

21.03.19:  Hammerfest, Prestatyn, Wales

21.06.19:  Rage Against Racism Outdoor Festival, Duisburg, Austria

24.08.19:  Rock & Metal Circus, Mach, Wales

27.09.19:  Academy 3, Manchester

28.09.19:  Boston Music Rooms, London

KILL II THIS released four albums between 1996 and 2004 to widespread critical acclaim, most notably for their “Deviate” and “Trinity” albums. The band built on this with extensive European tours including supports with SlipknotMachine HeadMegadeth and Fear Factory.

KILL II THIS never followed the crowd. Blending extreme metal with elements of industrial electronica, hip-hop, and even opera, they always beat their own unique musical path.

Released in 1997, and mixed by the legendary Colin Richardson, the debut KILL II THIS album, “Another Cross II Bare” featured Jeff Singer (drums), Mark Mynett (Guitar) Pete Stone (Bass) and Nick Arlea (vocals). The band supported GRIP INC. (featuring Slayer legend Dave Lombardo) and SKINLAB across Europe in June 1997, then MEGADETH on their “Cryptic Writings” European tour, with a support slot to TESTAMENT along the way.

However, it was only with their second album, 1998’s Deviate that the band found their own highly innovative sound. With Matt Pollock and Caroline Campbell recruited for vocal and bass duties, and Andy Sneap producing, the album was released to critical acclaim from press and fans alike.

Ben Calvert replaced Jeff Singer for touring duties, with support slots to ANTHRAX, UK dates with SOULFLY, a European tour with ENTOMBED, then a UK headline tour, before heading out as sole support on SLIPKNOT‘s debut European tour.

The band’s third album, “Trinity”, once again produced by Andy Sneap, featured guest vocals from FEAR FACTORY frontman Burton C. Bell. The band was confirmed as support to DEVIN TOWNSEND‘s UK dates, followed by a U.K. tour with FEAR FACTORY, and once again SLIPKNOT in Europe.

The fourth album, 2003’s ‘Mass. [Down.]-Sin. (Drone‘) was recorded with vocalist Phil Bretnall and drummer Steve Rooney. Pete Stone returned on bass. U.K. tours with Anthrax, and European tours with TYPE O NEGATIVE and MACHINE HEAD were followed by a headline European tour.

In the Spring of 2004 Mark Mynett revealed that the fifth KILL II THIS album would be the band’s last. However, plans for the swan song KILL II THIS outing took on a new direction when the album “A New Spiritual Mountain,” was released under the new band name CITY OF GOD. This new outfit comprised Jeff Singer, fresh from his stints with PARADISE LOST and BLAZE, Simon Gordon, ex-XENTRIX, and Tim Preston, ex-DEARLY BEHEADED. The band didn’t tour in support of this album and it seemed KILL II THIS had indeed come to an end.

In 2014 – following years of, “should we, shouldn’t we,” conversations between founder members Jeff Singer, Mark Mynett and Pete Stone – the band was reactivated, with Simon Gordon taking on vocal duties. The band headlined the ‘La Fiesta Du Rock‘ and played the main Ronnie James Dio stage of the UK’s Bloodstock Open Air festival in August 2016.

The band played a Headline tour in late 2016 followed in 2017 by Leicester’s Uprising Festival and SOS Festival in Manchester.

In 2019 the band plans to release the fifth KILL II THIS album.

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