Rapidly rising, blues-rock on steroids band Kira Mac today release their anthemic second single ‘Dead Man Walking’ along with its accompanying brand-new, no holds barred vocals-driven video, full of fire, shadows and fury. Planet Rock described Kira Mac as “rock n roll livewires” and made their debut single ‘One Way Ticket’ Track of the Week within just two weeks of release. The single then leapt to the Planet Rock A-playlist, has now topped the 28-day April Playlist, and has received rave reviews and feedback. “To get Track of the Week was one thing,” guitarist Joe Worrall told Devil’s Gate Music, “but to then be added to the playlist alongside some of the best bands of the past 30 years was just unbelievable. Don’t think that we have still quite wrapped our heads round it yet, ha ha! I wrote that demo to ‘One Way Ticket’ in my Mum and Dad’s house: to think it’s getting played on Planet Rock to hundreds of thousands of people is, yeah, mind-blowing!” Named after their frontwoman, Kira Mac are an outfit built on straight-up old-school blues rock riffs given modern edge, a tonne of fresh flair, soul and intense […]

Rapidly rising “rock n roll livewires” (Planet Rock), Kira Mac announce the dates for their first touring. What’s more, their full studio album ‘Chaos is Calling’ is due for release in Autumn 2022. The album’s debut single ‘One Way Ticket’ and its vibrant, colourful video came out in March and within 2 weeks Planet Rock made […]