Manchester’s dirty rock n blues mavericks, Gorilla Riot release brand new music with single, ‘Black Heart Woman‘, out today on Fri 24 January across all download and streaming platforms.

Black Heart Woman‘ is taken from their first full-length album, ‘PEACH‘, which is now available for pre-order at and also pre-save for streaming at

PEACH‘ is available in Digital, CD and Vinyl formats and released through Off Yer Rocka Recordings (OYR). Distribution is via Cargo Records with a release date of Friday 31 January 2020. An album launch show will be held at Rebellion, Manchester on Sat 08 Feb 2020.

GR frontman, Arjun Bhishma, said, “Black Heart Woman came about after messing around with some basic open chords on the guitar. It is heavily influenced by 70’s rock, both musically and lyrically.

The song offered us something different to include on our new album, ‘Peach’, than we had done previously. Namely a more up-tempo feel whilst still retaining the Riot sound. It’s a lot of fun to play live! I recorded the vocals with my (now) ex-girlfriend staring at me from across the room. That may have been a mistake. She was expecting a ballad…

Gorilla Riot are a 5-piece dirty rock n’ roll blues machine from Manchester, England. Using a 3-prong guitar attack with multi-part vocal harmonies; they play raucous blues-based rock, combining elements of grunge, stoner, and country to create a full-on high energy show.

Created by mainman, Arjun Bhishma, he surrounded himself with the best talent in Manchester to form Gorilla Riot.  Arjun, Liam Henry (guitars & vocals), Charly T. (guitars & vocals), James Degnen (bass), have been recently joined by Will Lewis on skins.

Equally at home acoustically or electrically they toured extensively last year with shows in Spain and France, and then across the UK with Australian rockers, Massive before ending the year on the Planet Rock Roadstars tour, with Piston and Hannah Wicklund.

Along with the release of ‘PEACH‘, Gorilla Riot have their song, ‘Bad Son‘, included on the forthcoming ‘Earache presents New Wave Of Rock N Roll’ compilation album, to be released on Fri 13 March 2020

Ticket links:
Sat 08 Feb – Album Release Show, Rebellion, Manchester
Sat 29 Feb – Winter’s End Festival, Poole
Sat 21 Mar – Bannerman’s Edinburgh
Sun 22 Mar – The Waterloo Music Bar, Blackpool
Fri 27 Mar – Cobblestones, Bridgwater
Sat 28 Mar – Crazy Cowboy 5, Facebar, Reading
Sun 05 Apr – Real Time Live, Chesterfield
Fri 10 Apr – Nightrain, Bradford
Sat 18 Apr – Rock The Red Lion Fest, Leo’s Red Lion, Gravesend
Sat 09 May – Outlaw Rock N Roll Weekend, The Globe, Glossop
Sun 24 May – Breaking Bands Festival, Bromsgrove
Fri 05 Jun – Loverocks Festival, Nr Bournemouth
Sat 06 Jun – Echo Hotel Music Club, Hook
Sat 11 Jul – Holmfirth Rock Splash, Picturedrome, Holmfirth (w/ Massive Wagons)
Sat 01 Aug – Just Push Play 2020, The Apex, Bury St Edmunds (w/ Those Damn Crows)

Line up:

Arjun Bhishma (vocals/guitar)
Liam Henry (guitar/vocals)
Charly T. (guitar/vocals)
James Degnen (bass)
Will Lewis (drums)

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The fantastic Buck & Evans have released the following update regarding the band’s debut album:

We’re incredibly proud to announce that our debut album, ‘Write A Better Day‘ will be released on Departure Records through Cargo Records on November 15th! Pre-orders are now live at the link below. It comes with a bit of a story (see below…) but this is a huge moment for us and we honestly can’t wait to finally get the record into your hands!


So, why the long wait?! Without dwelling on it too much, some of you may be aware that we launched the record campaign a little while ago through PledgeMusic. The response was nothing short of incredible and we eagerly hit the studio to start laying the foundations of our first record. But, alas…

We’ll spare you the maths but at some point, PledgeMusic decided that our money (and hundreds of other bands’) looked better in their pockets and that was that; no real explanation offered and as of yet, no criminal charges have been brought against those who defrauded us of a substantial amount of our money – the company went bust and our entire record release budget had gone up in smoke. Unfortunately, it meant that the countless people that had Pledged received their copy at our own expense, only adding adding further insult to injury.

Still, not ones to dwell, we delayed the release and set off on tour (in THAT van!) to recuperate as much of the money that we’d lost as possible and suffice to say, you guys didn’t disappoint – if you’ve bought a ticket, CD, vinyl, poster, bag or t-shirt off us in the last year or so, YOU’RE the reason this record is finally seeing the light of day. We’d be lying if we said we were out of the woods yet but preorders will go a long way to getting us back to where we should have been had it not been for what happened to us.

As ever, thank you for your enduring support and patience. It’s almost a cliché at this point but bands are nothing without their fans and we’re so lucky that you guys stick by us through thick and thin. Thank you, and we’ll see you on the road ❤️

Official Website




Review: Revival Black – Step In Line

Cargo Records (October 11th 2019)

Reviewer: Paul Saripo

Step In Line’ the debut album from Revival Black is a freight train of bluesy hard rock ‘n’ Roll, its simply brilliant from start to finish. This album which is due release on 11th October 2019, has not stopped playing in my house for a few days now and its not going to be removed from my daily playlist anytime soon.

This 10-track album opens with ‘Wide Awake’, the band released this as a single in April 2019 following the new arrival of Dan Byrne on vocals who stretches his pipes well throughout every track on the album. Next is ‘So Alive’, a follow up single released in June 2019. This is enjoyably hard ‘n’ heavy, with a bass intro from Jamie Hayward that I feel delivers a complimentary nod over to Lemmy.

The momentum of Ash Janes on drums continues with ‘Give You The World’. Sounds that come through here are reminiscent of Aerosmith back in the day.

Both fast string men, Alan Rimme & Adam Kerbache work in synergy to create guitar work with sleazy Louisiana riffs.

This band writes catchy hooks and no exception to this is ‘No Secrets, No Lies’ this will have you on your feet horns in the air singing along. This is one of my favourites from the album, along with the massive potential of ‘The River’ which is an epic song delivering everything one needs to form an anthem. Along with the sleazy classic ‘All I Wanna Do’ with nifty and sharp lead guitar work.

Bluesy riffs and strong bass lines can be found over on ‘Midnight Oil’  a solid groove well presented with the vocal power of Dan let louse demonstrating the range and originality of this talented rock ensemble.

If I had one thing to change it would be the ending on ‘Silverline’ it doesn’t have one. It’s a classic fade out that maybe doesn’t do the song justice on the Album.

These guys know how to create some hard and sustained rock music without drifting off on a tangent. They can write well and have some catchy hooks, particularly on ‘No Secrets, No Lies’   The album is heartfelt kick ass hard as hell Rock that doesn’t let you down, including title track ‘Step In Line’ that demonstrates that Revival Black, deserve attention.

Since I began to play this album, I haven’t been able to stop. The riffs are hard and heavy, guitars that punch out catchy riffs with sounds of the deep south. Bass that commands attention and the vocals from Dan are solid and have a powerful range that he demonstrates complete control, think early Robert Plant meets David Coverdale. There is something special about rock music and this Album has everything from the rock swagger of 1970 to the heavy packed sounds of today.

This is original and organic rock; these guys have a brilliant future.



RELOAD, REWIND & RECALL ROCK N ROLL – Swedish glam boogie blue-eyed soul rockers Diamond Dogs are back to set things straight!

After the loss of saxophone player and longtime band member Magic Gunnarsson (who died in a drowning accident 2014) Sulo and the rest of Diamond Dogs called it a day. They released the album ‘Quitters & Complainers‘ in 2015 and went on a farewell tour ending in Oviedo in October together with Iggy Pop.

Since then Sulo’s been releasing 3 solo albums, working with Chris Spedding, Paul Young, The Crunch and the rest of the members been busy with other projects. During this time a lot of Diamond Dogs gig requests been dropping in from all over the world and when they found out that 4 of the 10 previous studio albums been out of stock for a long time and wasn’t available as download they started to make a plan.

Sulo & Honk (Henrik Widen), the remaining original members thought it was time to set things straight and release “that” compilation they’ve been talking about for many years. One thing led to another and soon they had a plan and even some new tracks to blend up the compilation with.

Recall Rock ‘N’ Roll‘ (Cargo Records) will be a double album including 30 tracks. 25 old and 5 brand new songs. At the same time Cargo Records will re-release 4 previous albums on Vinyl/CD & download.

The albums are: ‘As your greens turn brown‘, ‘Too much is always better than not enough‘, ‘That’s the juice I’m on‘ and the split album ‘Atlantic Crossover‘ with legendary US Punkrock singer Jeff Dahl.

‘Recall Rock ‘N’ Roll‘ will be released in September/October and Diamond Dogs planning to tour Europe.

Line up:

Sulo – Lead vocals
Lars Karlsson – Guitars
Martin Thomander (ex Electric Boys) – Guitar, Backing vocals
Henrik “Honk” Widen – Keys, Backing vocals
Stefan Bellnäs – Bass
Thomas Broman (ex Glenn Hughes) – Drums

Diamond Dogs have over the years delivered countless hard rockin’ shows worldwide, they have also been on tour sharing stage with: NazarethIan HunterThe DamnedHanoi RocksThe CultSensational Alex Harvey BandThe QuireboysDan Baird, among others.

Members of Diamond Dogs also have associations with such fine artists as The HellacoptersJohnny ThundersThe SolutionThe Dogs D’amourThe NomadsLisa & the LipsIan Hunter and The Crunch.


Legendary London trio Rock Goddess have released a music video for ‘It’s More Than Rock and Roll‘, the song is the title track of the forthcoming EP, which is set to be released on May 19th, 2017. Digital distribution via Cargo Records and physical EP CDs, with a 4 page booklet in a jewel case by Rock Goddess directly. The first 500 copies will be signed and numbered.

The new EP “It’s more than Rock and Roll” can be pre-ordered digital here and physical, limited edition 500 pcs, signed and numbered, here


1. It’s More Than Rock And Roll
2. Back Off
3.We’re All Metal

It’s been a long time coming, but we got there,” says Jody. “We are so proud of this, and of each other. We hope people enjoy it as much as we want them to.” JodyTraceyJulie – proud to be loud!

Official Website



Legendary London trio Rock Goddess return with a brand new 3 song EP entitled ‘It’s More Than Rock And Roll‘ which is set to be released on May 19th, 2017. Digital distribution via Cargo Records and physical CDs, with a 4 page booklet in a jewel case by Rock Goddess directly. The first 500 copies will be signed and numbered.

Well, it’s only taken them 30 years, but finally the original, classic Rock Goddess trio have released new product. Except that we should NOT see this three-track EP as a follow-up to the self-titled, debut album put out in 1983. Oh no, this is a complete affirmation that Jody Turner (guitar/vocals), Tracey Lamb (bass) and Julie Turner (drums) are fully relevant to the hard rock scene in 2017. So, if you are nestling down for a comfortable trip into the borough of Nostalgia, South London, then you had better be prepared to have this notion scrambled, and then served up with music that has a huge taste for contemporary aptitude and attitude.

In the early 1980s, Rock Goddess made a reputation for delivering songs with full frontal riffs, snapping rhythms and snappy melodies. That hasn’t altered. Since the three reunited in 2013, they’ve proven to be an energised, committed live band not reliant on past glories, but hell bent on the pursuit of an even more electrifying future.

Of course, in those formative years, the three went out to establish themselves by taking the best influences and twisting these to suit their talents. Now, though, they have a heritage to live up to. And do it with the confidence, craftsmanship and charisma of a band who know their considerable worth.

The EP is called ‘It’s More Than Rock And Roll‘, which is a statement of how committed the three are to their cause. Jody Turner wrote all the songs and also produced them, with Wes Maebe mixing and mastering the record. And the man has previously worked with a fine array of talents, including Roger Waters, Sir Tim Rice, The Buzzcocks and Beverley Knight. It’s obvious what Rock Goddess have done in the studio is take their sharply honed instincts, using these to let rip with a clear-sighted, rousing momentum. ‘It’s More Than Rock And Roll‘ itself is a mid-paced roaster that has genuine depth, yet a chant-a-long chorus to get everyone on their feet. The lyrics betray the Goddess‘ complete immersion in the passion of this genre. The video for this song will premiere on Vintage TV on Nicky Horne’s ‘Friday Rock Show’ on April 21, GMT 22:00.

Back Off‘ sees the band locked into an assaulting groove, one full of a spirit born from that essential, yet so often elusive balance between virtuosity and aggression.

We’re All Metal‘ not only name checks iconic artists across metal and rock’s past and present, but is an anthem for all ages. From six to 96, it’ll get everyone pumping out the horn sign!

This is Rock Goddess 2017, still thankfully linked to the way they were in 1983, but taking it on to a fresh level.

It’s been a long time coming, but we got there,” says Jody. “We are so proud of this, and of each other. We hope people enjoy it as much as we want them to.” JodyTraceyJulie – proud to be loud!


Profane And The Sacred

UK Stoner rockers Profane And The Sacred have released a video for ‘From The Top’

Featuring gigantic doom laden riffs that unashamedly smother you in nostalgia but waste no time in lacing prog tinged instrumental breakdowns into a 5 minute musical journey. Showcasing time progressions that shift gears but never let up on the momentum and allowing the rapsy, gritty vocals of singer Luke Alleeson to cover the organic soundtrack with a warning to all in the song’s lyrical content.

The band release their debut album ‘Chapter 1 : A Long Time Coming’  on 23rd February 2015 via Cargo Records.

Profance And The Sacred are:
Luke Alleeson – Vocals / guitars
Rick Spooner – Guitars
Rob Taylor – Bass guitar
Kieran Smith – Drums

Profane And The Sacred bad


Mental Revolution

Swedish hard rockers Nubian Rose will release its new album, titled ‘Mental Revolution’, on November 24th via Cargo Records. The cover artwork for the CD was created by Mattias Savage Wil, all photos by Tallee Savage for Savage Beaut.

The album was produced by Christer Åkerlund, engineerd by Jakob Herrmann, mixed by Tobias Lindell (HEAT, Europe, Hardcore Superstar, Avatar, Mustasch), recorded at Top Floor Studios & Bohus Sound and mastered by Mats “Limpa” Lindfors (Crashdïet, Scorpions, Dan Reed, Treat) at Cutting Room.

Track Listing:

01. War
02. Time Again
03. Illuminated Within
04. The Eye
05. Tough Guys Don’t Dance
06. Break Out
07. Higher
08. You Will Never Walk Alone
09. (Taking This) Further
10. All Of Your Love


Sofia Lilja – Vocals
Christer Åkerlund – Lead Guitars
Henric Uhrbom – Bass
Tomas Weijnesjö – Drums
Torbjörn Weijnesjö – Rythm Guitar

Additional musicians:

Joakim Ahlund – Keyboards
Mats Levén – Backing Vocals
Katarina kammarkör – Choir

Nubian Rose