Derek Davis is no stranger to the top of the music charts. As frontman and songwriter for the successful Arista Records rock band Babylon A.D. Davis’ songs achieved Gold record status and multiple Top 10 AOR chart success. His two recent iTunes Blues Chart #1 singles, ‘Mississippi Mud‘ and ‘Death Letter‘, from his album ‘Resonator Blues‘ released last year shows Davis is at the top of his game.The new single, an acoustic ballad about heartbreak and suffering in a relationship turned toxic, lends vivid story telling and an emotional vocal performance that shows off Davis’s creativity, and is one of his best to date.

“It’s a War Of Love, wounded by the battles, broken inside
It’s a War Of Love, nothing really matters, who wins this fight
It’s a War now baby, hearts will be shattered out on the front lines
It’s a War Of Love, we’re picking up the pieces of us tonight!”

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Derek Davis hails from Oakland CA. A natural-born singer/songwriter/musician and gifted performer, Davis began playing drums at the age of 11, later switching to vocals and guitar. He began his professional music career at the age of 16, writing songs, fronting bands, and headlining clubs, bars, and other music venues in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As a former Arista Records recording artist with hard rock band Babylon A.D.’ signed by the legendary music mogul “Clive Davis”. Derek has released 12 records to date including his three solo records, ‘Revolt’, ’Revolutionary Soul’ and last years critically acclaimed ‘Resonator Blues’ which produced two #1 iTunes Blues singles ‘Mississippi Mud’ and ‘Death Letter‘.

As a songwriter/co-publisher with Virgin/EMI Records. Derek has had many of his songs covered by other artists and several songs placed in films and TV, He is the consummate songwriter, singer, musician, producer and showman and has done extensive tours across the U.S. and Europe.

His new band Derek Davis & the Revolutionary Souls released their first single/video in April 2020 titled “Pandemic Blues” (The Summer Days) Via WTF Sci-Fi Records.

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Derek Davis, Frontman and Songwriter for former Arista Records and Frontiers Records recording artists, Babylon A.D. has just released his first single and video ‘Sweet Cream Cadillac‘. The track is from his upcoming new album ‘Resonator Blues‘, which lands worldwide on June 1st, 2019.

Sweet Cream Cadillac‘ is a 1960s foot stomping, hand clapping, dancing at the hop type of up-tempo song, with a memorable slide-lead played on a Silvertone acoustic. Girls and Cadillacs, is the story line and fun, fun, fun is the motor that runs this uplifting piece of swinging blues!

Resonator Blues‘ is Derek’s third solo album after his initial 2012 release ‘Re-Volt‘. His second offering, the 2017 ‘Revolutionary Soul‘ ushered in some great Retro Soul, and was widely praised by music critics and fans alike. In total, Davis has performed and written on twelve albums. With a wide range of influences, Hard Rock, Southern Blues Rock and Old School R&B Soul, and now the Blues.

On his latest offering Derek Davis weaves early Delta Blues, Americana, Folk, Hillbilly Twang, Southern Rock, Traditional and Jump Blues all into one. The twelve mesmerizing tracks, of which, ten, Davis has written, pin the listener’s ears back and demand they sit up and take notice. Bottleneck-Slide is prevalent on nearly all the tracks along with some wailing harmonica and sometimes a blistering Texas Telecaster lead will be heard. This is a multifaceted album, a journey of sorts all rolled into one great magical music ride across America down highway 61.

The vision of Derek Davis, who not only sings and plays all the different guitars and bass on the record, also does a masterful job creating lyrical landscapes with a moving production. The voice of Derek Davis is unmistakable. He belts out each song with emotion, passion and power, using his amazing gift to reach the listener and weave his tales. The voice is gritty yet melodic and every song is sung as it should be. His guitar work is exceptional, raw, and captivating.

To sum it all up, Davis has made one hell of an American Blues album. In a day and age where it seems music is made by computers and programmers that have sucked the life out of the music of today, it’s great to find a hidden gem that can and will stand the test of time. Vinyl anyone?

Track listing:

  1. Resonator Blues
  2. Sweet Cream Cadillac
  3. Mississippi Mud
  4. Penitentiary Bound
  5. Jesus set Me Free
  6. Red Hot Lover
  7. Death Letter
  8. Whiskey And Water
  9. Unconditional Love
  10. It Hurts Me Too
  11. Back In My Arms
  12. Prison Train

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Babylon A.D. is at it again. Following up their successful Release of 2015 ‘Live @ XXV‘. The band is currently in the recording studio laying down tracks for their 6th full-length album. The new Release is titled ‘Revelation Highway‘ and is set for worldwide release in October 2017 on MBM Records.

The band is will be playing new songs from the forthcoming album at all US shows this Spring and touring in support of the record in the UK and Europe later this year.

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Monsters Of Rock Cruise

(April 2015)

Reviewer – Dan Mann

I guess it’s time I wrote a quick review of this year’s Monsters Of Rock Cruise.

Having heard from chums and band members alike as to what to expect, it’s still somewhat a shock as to how big the MSC Divina is! If you intend on going on either/both of next year’s cruises, expect a lot of walking. No complaints about the food, with a decent variety on offer depending on how much weight you wanted to gain! The cabin was  fine, apart from horrible pillows, with a very friendly steward who kept things clean & tidy.

And so to the important part, the bands & artists.

It’s fairly easy for me to pick what were my ‘stand out’ moments band wise.

Danny Vaughn (Tyketto)

Kicking off with a band who were the main reason my better half booked us onto the cruise. And they are the mighty Tyketto!

Back on the cruise after their first appearance on MORC last year, they were given the pool stage to play on. Yes I’m biased somewhat but they gave one hell of a performance, and made some new fans in the process.

Chris Green (Tyketto)
Chris Green (Tyketto)


Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme)

Next band will without question have to be Extreme.

I managed to see them in the theater and also on the pool stage. After what was an exemplary performance in the theater they went and topped that with an electrifying performance on the pool stage.

This was a band back on top form and enjoying every minute. Okay there was one segment I didn’t enjoy and regular listeners to my radio show will know instantly that I’m referring to ‘the song that shall not be named’. For those of you not clued up I will only say that it’s a ballad and leave it at that.

The next band I’ll pick will be Europe.

I was really looking forward to hearing material off ‘War Of King’s’ performed live and boy I wasn’t disappointed. If anything the new tracks were even better!

Joey Tempest (Europe)


This is a band who are firing on all cylinders and showing why they’ve remained a constant in the music biz for all these years. Once again this was a performance that was superb in the theater, but was even better on the pool stage. Again this was a band that a lot of the other acts came to watch.

Speaking of bands other acts watched, The Winery Dogs showed a level of musicianship that really shouldn’t be of surprise considering the combined talents of Messrs Kotzen, Portnoy & Sheehan.

Billy Sheehan (The Winery Dogs)
Billy Sheehan (The Winery Dogs)

As we baked in the hot sun, the band were red hot on stage. Very enjoyable indeed.

One band I did not want to miss on this cruise was Babylon A.D.

I’ve wanted to see them since the release of their first album all those years ago, and unfortunately was unable to see them at Firefest.

Robb Reid (Babylon A.D.)
Robb Reid (Babylon A.D.)

My only disappointment was the venue. They played in the Black And White Lounge which was for many a difficult place to actually see the band play due to the low stage. It was obvious that the band were thoroughly enjoying themselves and it was a real pleasure to watch their set.

One band whose live set is known to be rewarding is Y & T.

Dave Meniketti (Y & T)
Dave Meniketti (Y & T)

A band I’ve been a fan of again for many years and a band who should of been so much bigger then they are. My only disappointment was that both performances started past midnight and so I only saw them once due to the early disembark the morning after their second set. If you have never seen Y & T then your missing a class act.

Another band I wanted to see again after seeing them last year at the Frontiers Festival in Milan was Night Ranger.

What a monster of a live act they are with energy levels of teenagers.

Jack Blades (Night Ranger)
Jack Blades (Night Ranger)

A bugger to photograph as they won’t keep still! They performed a mixture of songs from not only their own catalogue but also Alice Cooper & Damn Yankees tracks to the delight of the packed audience.



One band I had managed to catch at Firefest a couple of years ago was Heaven’s Edge.

Singer Mark Evans sounded fantastic, as did the rest of the band.

Reggie Wu (Heaven's Edge)
Reggie Wu (Heaven’s Edge)

I’ve been told the guys are working on some new material, so fingers crossed we’ll see a new album some time in the future.

So there we have it, although don’t think for one minute that the other bands I watched weren’t any good. Far far from it.

If there was but one suggestion when it comes to the cruise, it would be to extend it by a couple of days to give people a better chance of seeing all the bands & artists. But you’ll have one hell of a good time and leave with many more friends then at the start.


More photos can be viewed here