The big day is here! Apptly titled ‘III’, the third studio album by Swiss-based hard rock quintet CORELEONI – band founder and guitarist Leo Leoni (Gotthard), Eugent Bushpepa (vocals), Jgor Gianola (guitars), Mila Merker (bass) and Alex Motta (drums) – has finally seen the light of day today via Atomic Fire Records. To showcase the record’s high quality, the band have simultaneously revealed a brand new music video for the track ‘Like It Or Not‘, which was created by Maurizio del Piccolo (Moviedel Productions; ‘Purple Dynamite’ & ‘Sometimes’) once again. Leo comments, “I’m super happy that our new record is finally out: after months of waiting following its tracking and released now […]

The rock anthem ‘A King Has Gone’, taken from MSG’s new album ‘Universal’, and its intro ‘Calling Baal’, also available on ‘Universal’, both have a special significance: The track, sung by Helloween frontman Michael Kiske, is a tribute to the immortal Ronnie James Dio, and in particular to his performance on the 1976 hard rock classic ‘Rainbow Rising‘. For this reason, Michael Schenker has brought together an original Rainbow rhythm section consisting […]

In four short weeks, Swiss-based rock quintet Coreleoni will release their new album ‘III’ on May 13th, 2022 via Atomic Fire Records. Following the introduction of new Albanian lead singer Eugent Bushpepa with two stomping tracks – ‘Let Life Begin Tonight‘ and ‘Purple Dynamite‘ – it’s time for the band to showcase their slightly mellower […]

‘Emergency’ is the haunting opening track of MSG’s upcoming new studio album ‘Universal’. The first single comes along with an official music video, produced by Justin Griffiths. “‘Emergency’ is quite a complicated song with different rhythm’s but catchy at the same time. It’s fun to play and to listen to. Enjoy and Keep On Rocking”, Michael Schenker comments. Listen/stream/download ‘Emergency’: here ’Universal’ will be released on May 27th, 2022, via Atomic Fire Records and is available as Digipak CD (incl. 2 bonus tracks), colored vinyl, Earbook (CD incl. 2 bonus tracks) and digital album, […]

Classic hard rockers Coreleoni will release their new album entitled ‘III‘ on May 13th, 2022 via Atomic Fire Records. The group have released their second single ‘Purple Dynamite‘ along with a brand new stunning video, and also kick-off the album pre-order for ‘III‘. Founding member/guitarist Leo Leoni comments: “Mila Merker brought the bass lick to […]

There are few rock guitarists on this planet who have had such a lasting influence on so many renowned musicians as Michael Schenker. With his outstandingly fluid style, inexhaustible wealth of ideas and instinctive feel for hooks and melodies, Michael Schenker is a living legend who, despite his longstanding and distinguished history, still impresses with his unflagging energy and […]

He is THE constant among the German metal scene – Udo Dirkschneider. Originally becoming world-famous as a founding member of Accept, he continues to steadily expand upon his international successes with his U.D.O. and Dirkschneider outfits. Remaining true to himself over the years in a way few musicians could, Dirkschneider consistently bucks music industry trends […]