England in the year 1066. The decisive battle near Stamford Bridge. Warriors fighting death, the grounds soaked in blood. Norway’s king Harald III, called Hardrada (“the hard ruler“) lies dying. His whole life flashes before his eyes: cruel wars, fights over power, journeys to exotic worlds guiding to powerful women, emperors and kings falling into […]

Epic Power Metal outfit HUMAN FORTRESS is going to release the band’s upcoming album ‘Epic Tales & Untold Stories‘ on January 22nd, 2021 via Massacre Records. Christmas is coming closer, and HUMAN FORTRESS try to get us in the right mood with the release of the lyric video for the orchestral version of their song ‘Pray For Salvation’. With the upcoming album, HUMAN FORTRESS express gratitude towards their fans, who have stood […]

Danish symphonic metal outfit AKOMA recently signed with Massacre Records, and announced the upcoming release of their debut ‘Revangels‘. Now they revealed the cover artwork, which was created by Stefan Heilemann! Guitarist Morten comments: “Heile did an amazing job with this artwork – I’ve never had that ‘wow!’ experience before, until I saw this artwork […]