Review: The Wicked Jackals – About Time

(July 12th 2019)

Reviewer: Paul Saripo

The Wicked Jackals are an expressive four piece outfit creating full on rock from Watford .

I was keen to discover their newly released debut EP ‘About Time’ so I gave it a spin.

On first play the vocal literacy reminded me of some elements of Skunkworks, a Bruce Dickinson offshoot in ‘96’ I think it’s the vocal attack of Ollie Tindall that brought that to the forefront.

The rhythm section is driven by the firmly placed beats of James Norkett alongside the persistent bass of Lex Gifford and the versatile Marty Venus on guitars, Ollie Tindall takes up some lead guitar work and makes a great guitar duo between the both of them.

First track is ‘Ain’t Gonna Change’ this is quite punchy and grows quickly into a catchy rock anthem that will have up front.

Fortune’N’Glory’ follows with powerful intent, grungy riffs flowing lead guitars.

Third track starts with prominent lead vocals on the mix, it’s a bluesy sleaze metal number with some influence coming through from Rose Tattoo and a sprinkle of AC/DC.

Moving onto ‘Laying Down The Law’ I enjoyed the vocal tenacity of Ollie Tindall backed with solid riffs and buoyant solos

The EP finishes off with an up tempo song ‘Scream’ that is a closing presentation of what The Wicked Jackals has delivered on this EP.

When I first played the EP a couple of times I felt some of the tracks had been mixed differently to each other, particularly the vocal elements and I was distracted slightly, however I soon forgot about this initial thought as I found the EP has grown on me as it flows from track to track,  I hear energy and talent on this EP and will be keeping a look out for an opportunity to see them live.