As you know I’m now back to my ‘normal’ half hour segments. People have asked for/suggested I  continue with the one hour RPR’s maybe in my own time-slot. Well, I’ve certainly been offered my own time-slot, however at the moment the 30 minute format is about right for me currently due to time constraints and […]

Are you looking for airplay?  I’m happy to oblige, in fact Rockposer’s Roulette has already aired the following bands – Danny Giles Band, Beautiful Beast, Rok Hollywood, Blindside, and will be featuring Bad Reputation in a week’s time. Do get in touch if your interested, either on here, Facebook or by email  –

I’ve been doing my podcasts/shows in one form or another for almost a year now, yes I know time flies…. I’d really like to know what people think, not from some ego angle or anything, just to see if I’ve helped listeners maybe discover a band they didn’t know or if people just like the […]