Michael Bormann – Closer RMB Records (2015) Reviewer – Aaron Chatfield What is it about the water in Germany that makes them produce such quality hard rock and metal? Would be nice to bottle it and distribute it across the rock globe. Michael Bormann is a great example of that quality, through his time with […]

Klogr – Make Your Stand Zeta Factory(2015) Reviewer – Chris Gyngell Sadly, I am old enough to remember the time when it was common for albums by artists that you had never heard of before to be amazingly good. Every week there seemed to be some brand new band arriving with amazing songs and abilities. […]

Beauvoir Free – American Trash Frontiers Music (2015) Reviewer – Phil Schofield June 5th heralds the European release of American Trash (June 9th North America) another feather in the ever growing Frontiers Label’s cap. For those familiar with Jean Beauvoir & Micki Free it sees a welcome return of the song writing partnership that gave […]

House Of Lords – Indestructible Frontiers Music (June 2015) Reviewer – Dan Mann House Of Lords return with their tenth studio album ‘Indestructible’, recorded by a line-up that has been together ten years. And a very successful line-up it is too, making everything flow like a well oiled machine with Messer’s Christian, Bell, Zampa & […]