Review: S.A.Y – Orion MelodicRock Records/Cargo Distribution (2015) Reviewer: Dan Mann S.A.Y  is the brainchild of guitarist Jan Åkesson and singer Peter Grundström who between them released six albums under the StoneLake moniker. The Scandinavians have continually shown that they have the key to the chest of ingredients for making melodic rock, so I had […]

Review: Lynch Mob – Rebel Frontiers Music srl (2015) Reviewer: Aaron Chatfield Let’s great straight to the point, George Lynch is one of the greatest hard rock guitarists around, from his days with Dokken, through his solo works and his projects such as KXM, but his work can sometimes be a bit of an acquired […]

Review: Onyria – Break the Silence Break The Silence Studios (2015) Reviewer: Peter Scallan Onyria are a female-fronted symphonic metal band fronted by vocalist Helena (no surname?). I don’t really know much about the band as very little information came with the album but I did get the lyrics! I believe this is their first […]

Review: Chaos Magic – Chaos Magic (Featuring Caterina Nix & Timo Tolkki) Frontiers Music (2015) Reviewer: Dawn Osbourne Chaos Magic is the name of the new joint project between Timo Tolkki, the producer and songwriter (known for his work with Stratovarius)  from Finland and Caterina Nix, a singer from Chile. The two have  collaborated before […]

Review: Hungryheart – Dirty Italian Job Tanzan Music (2015) Reviewer: Peter Scallan This is Hungryheart’s third album, although I haven’t heard any of them. They are an Italian-based four piece with vocals, guitar, bass and drums. Vocalist Josh Zighetti shares lead vocal duties with fellow founding member and lead guitarist Mario Percudani on two songs. […]