Well I’ve finally got my hands on the much anticipated new release from British melodic rock / AOR band Moritz. The fact I’m writing this review is the first indication that I’m not disappointed. Start playing and your immediately greeted with the sort of melodic rock /AOR that British bands have long since been famous […]

Well I’ve finally got my hands on Redrum’s new album ‘ Victim Of Our Circumstances’ Been rather looking forward to this release having liked their first album and also being a fan of Michael Bormann’s work. Michael has taken the helm with this release, and once again this German/Greek collaboration has really come together, giving […]

I’ve been waiting ‘patiently’ for this release ever since the band announced that all the recording/mastering etc was complete. I’ve been a fan of Pretty Maids after first seeing the video for ‘Love Games’ which prompted me to buy Future World plus all their previous releases and of course all releases since, come to that! […]