Rock N' Roll Hit Machine

American Mafia have released a video for ‘Death & Satisfaction’, taken from their 2014 release ‘Rock N’ Roll Hit Machine’.

“Death & Satisfaction” is an indictment of today’s corporate news media, whose divisive rhetoric is driven by scorched earth tactics of fear and humiliation. Their inability to provide unbiased, factual accounts is lampooned in this video by two self-serving anchor people who can’t even tolerate each other, much less the tragedies they are covering. This dynamic is framed by our very own wise guy. The mafia may have been dismantled in American society, but crime still persists, except now it exists at the white collar, corporate and Wall St. levels. Our wise guy’s way of dealing with the carnage he’s being served on TV (by corporate America), isn’t to simply turn if off, but to destroy it.

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Singles A's & B's

On September 29th The Mission release Singles A’s & B’s through Universal Music Catalogue.
Singles A’s & B’s features all 15 of the band’s charting singles and includes seven that reached the UK Top 30, including Wasteland (No.11), Tower Of Strength (No.12) and Butterfly On A Wheel (also No.12).  It is the first time these recordings have been collected together in one comprehensive 2-disc set and also includes unreleased edits.
In late 1985 Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams left The Sisters Of Mercy to form The Mission, immediately embarking upon their first European tour supporting The Cult. They released two singles independently, both of which reached No.1 in the UK Alternative Chart, before signing a worldwide record deal with Phonogram (now part of Universal Music’s Virgin EMI label group).
Their first single for Phonogram, ‘Stay With Me’, went straight into the UK chart at No. 30 followed by the debut album ‘God’s Own Medicine’, in at No. 14. Over the next eight years The Mission released six more albums and had a further 12 hits including the doom-rock anthems ‘Wasteland’, ‘Tower Of Strength’, ‘Beyond The Pale’, ‘Deliverance’ and ‘Butterfly On A Wheel’. Total worldwide album sales to date for the band have now exceeded well in advance of 3 million.
During the electrifying period covered by the collection The Mission enhanced their reputation as one of the best and most exciting live bands in the world, garnering countless accolades and inspiring lurid media stories and a fanatical following.  In fact, they toured almost constantly, notching up seven sold-out consecutive shows at the Astoria Theatre in London, headlining Reading Festival twice, and playing with U2, The Cure and Robert Plant.
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Singles, A’s & B’s track listing 
CD1 – A sides
 Serpents Kiss
Garden of Delight
7″ Edit
 Like A Hurricane
7″ Edit
 Stay With Me
Radio Edit (Commercially Unreleased) MYTHDJ1
7″ Edit
Radio Edit
 Tower of Strength
Radio Edit (Commercially Unreleased) MYTHDJ4
 Beyond The Pale
7″ Edit
 Kingdom Come
Radio Mix (Unreleased Single)
 Butterfly On A Wheel
Euro Version Edit (Commercially Unreleased) MYTHDJ8
Radio Edit (Commercially Unreleased) MYTHR8
 Into The Blue
7″ Edit
 Hands Across The Ocean
 Never Again
7″ Edit
 Like A Child Again
Single Remix
 Shades of Green
Single Remix
 Tower of Strength, (East India Trans Cairo Edit Mix)
Single Remix
 Afterglow (7″ Edit Olympic Mix)
7″ Edit
CD2 – B sides
Wake (RSV)
Serpents Kiss – 7″ B-Side
Naked & Savage
Serpents Kiss – 12″ B-Side
The Crystal Ocean (Short Version)
Garden of Delight – 12″ B-Side
 Blood Brothers
Stay With Me – 7″ B-Side
 Shelter From The Storm (Live – Edited Version)
Wasteland – 7″ B-Side
 Tomorrow Never Knows
Severina – 7″ B-Side
Tower of Strength – 7″ B-Side
 Breathe (Vocal)
Tower of Strength – 7″ B-Side
Beyond The Pale – 12″ B-Side
 The Grip of Disease
Butterfly On A Wheel – 7″ B-Side
 Mr. Pleasant
Deliverance  – 7″ B-Side
 Bird of Passage (Edit)
Into The Blue – 7″ Edit B-Side
 Amelia (Live)
Hands Across The Ocean – 7″ B-Side
Hands Across The Ocean – 7″ B-Side
 Beautiful Chaos
Never Again – 7″ B-Side
 All Tangled Up In You
Like A Child Again – 7″ B-Side
 You Make Me Breathe (Barn Mix)
Shades of Green – 7″ B-Side
 Sour-puss (Glamour Puss Mix)
Afterglow – 7″ B-Side
The band’s final single release on Phonogram Records was a new song, ‘Afterglow’, which showed the band returning to a more guitar rock sound.  Both A and B-sides were remixed versions from the ‘Sum & Substance’ compilation.

Mr Heartache

Cats In Space have released their first video, for the upcoming single ‘Mr Heartache’. The single will be available to download on September 7th.

The new album ‘Too Many Gods‘, in typical vintage fashion, will be available in limited 12” deluxe gatefold vinyl and also as a replica LP Compact Disc and digital download.


5. MR HEARTACHE ** Guest appearance by Andy Scott (Sweet)
8. THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD ** Orchestra arranged and composed by Mike Moran, ** Guest lead vocals Mick Wilson
10. MAN IN THE MOON ** Guest lead vocals Mick Wilson

Too Many Gods’   was recorded and produced at Yellow Fish studios in Sussex, with long-term copilot Ian Caple.  All songs were written by Greg Hart, or co-written by Greg Hart and Mick Wilson, who also features on backing vocal and guest  lead vocals, alongside Paul Manzi, creating a spectacular result…  Also, for the album’s centerpiece, the band recruited legendary producer and orchestral genius Mike Moran, famous for many musical contributions including Freddie Mercury’sBarcelona’.  Mike arranged and scored an 80 piece orchestra for the seven minute epic ‘The Greatest Story Never Told‘.

With soaring skyscraper vocal harmonies, hook laden choruses, drenched in guitars, vintage synthesizers and orchestrations, the ‘CATS in SPACE’ pull no punches in delivering their symphonic ‘Power Pop Rock’ and hide no influences along the way.  As the band say, this album is “All killer, no kitty litter!”

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Photo Credit: © TX63 Music Photography
Photo Credit: © TX63 Music Photography

Jared James Nichols will release the Highwayman EP via Listenable Records/ Swing House on CD and digital download in mid-September. The EP dovetails Jared’s special guest appearance on Glenn Hughes UK tour which starts October 17th at Southampton, Engine Rooms.

The EP features the lead single ‘We’re An American Band’, a scorching cover of Grand Funk Railroad’s 1973 single, a cover of Humble Pie’s “30 Days In The Hole”, and three new Jared James Nichols originals – ‘Old Glory’, ‘Fallin’ Down’ and ‘Gone’.   The EP is engineered, mixed and produced by Anthony Joseph Perry (son of Aerosmith’s Joe Perry), and was recorded at Swing House Studios in Los Angeles, with additional songs recorded in France at Indie Ear Studio by Mathieu Kabi.

The Highwayman EP is inspired by life on the road during a 70+ run of dates in Europe and UK earlier this year. Jared and his band wanted to release a few covers inspired by the tour along with some spontaneous original rockers to let his new fans understand where some of his influences come from as a contemporary American guitarist raised on classic rock from both sides of the Atlantic.  Jared will be special guest on Glenn Hughes’ UK tour which kicks off at in Southampton at the Engine Rooms on October 17th.

Highwayman EP – Tracklisting

  1. We’re an American Band (*Grand Funk Railroad)
  2. Old Glory
  3. 30 Days in the Hole (*Humble Pie)
  4. Fallin’ Down
  5. Gone



Former Queensrÿche frontman Geoff Tate has unveiled a second video to promote the forthcoming release of ‘The Key’, the debut album by his new progressive metal outfit Operation: Mindcrime. Entitled ‘Burn’, the clip follows hot on the heels of the current single ‘Re-Inventing The Future’.

Like its predecessor, ‘Burn’ is directed by Seattle filmmaker Jamie Burton Chamberlin, and it sees Tate and

his band performing in the back of a stretch limo with an array of changing guests.

The Key’ is released on Frontiers Records on 18th September and is the first part of a trilogy from the iconic

vocalist. Operation: Mindcrime is a creative platform for Tate that continues in the spirit of the classic

Queensrÿche album of the same name, spawning concepts as grand as his music and intertwining the intensity

of his past with the progressive, provocative mindset that has made him one of rock music’s most resolute

forces. HIs 13 album tenure with his former band was marked by exploration, intrigue, bold risks and gratifying

results; ’The Key’ continues in that fine tradition.

Joining Tate are a hard-hitting cast of familiar faces and new collaborators: bass players Dave Ellefson

[Megadeth, Metal Allegiance] and John Moyer [Disturbed, Adrenaline Mob], drummers Simon Wright [AC/DC],

Scott Mercado [Candlebox] and Brian Tichy [Billy Idol, Ozzy Osbourne], guitarists Kelly Gray [Queensrÿche] and

Scott Moughton [Geoff Tate], keyboardist Randy Gane [Myth] and vocalist Mark Daly [The Voodoos].

Strange World

In September 2015, AorBlvd Records will re-release the remastered, repackaged, re-titled (and enhanced) deluxe edition of Push UK‘s debut CD ‘Strange World‘.
Rechristened ‘Past Into The Future‘ – this new edition sports fresh artwork, a comprehensive biography of the band with rare photos from the 80s, and a selection of bonus tracks comprising demos from the original session, alternate versions and new tracks recorded in 2015.The now out of print ‘Strange World‘ was the first release from specialist melodic rock label AorBlvd Records and  has been long out of print demanding big sums on eBay. With this in mind, label owners Paul Rudland and Kelv Hellrazer feel that now is the time to re-release this highly praised aor classic.

Emerging in the mid 80s with bands such as Shy and FM, Push UK sporting the vocals of American David Saylor, they played a brand of melodic aor (that while influenced from the US) had a distinct British flavour.

It is a true diamond in the history of UK aor gems. With guitars by Nick Lloyd and Brett Hammond ,Paul Pryor and Rob Hewins forming the impressive rhythm section this disc boasts classic tracks including “Stand Up And Fight”, “Strange World” and “Miracle Of Love”, the latter sporting an amazing keyboard hook that practically defines aor and will transport the listener back to 1985!

This deluxe collectors edition is limited to a pressing of only *500 copies and is sure to sell out quickly.

Aor fans are urged to seek it out without delay to avoid disappointment!

Push UK are:-

David Saylor – Lead and Backing Vocals, & Guitar.

Brett Hammond – Guitar, Keyboards & Backing Vocals.

Paul Pryor – Bass & Backing Vocals.

Rob Hewins -Drums & Backing Vocals.

Nik Lloyd – Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals.

True Believer

Singer / songwriter John Taglieri has just issued his new Ep ‘True Believer’, his first release of full on hard rock material since his debut full length album, ‘Leap Of Faith‘ back in 2000.

The Ep brings Taglieri full circle around to his melodic rock roots, a route he’s resisted going back down since that first release at the beginning of the century. “I’ve always been the kind of writer who writes anything that comes to me and I love to explore new places,” tells Taglieri. “I never wanted to be known as a one trick pony… so to speak. I went where my musical journey wanted to take me and that had some varied styles in it. Along the way the hard rock element was always there, but this Ep brings it all the way back with a vengeance!!”

Recorded in his own Dawg Pound Studios just outside Boston, Taglieri himself played every instrument aside from the keyboards on “Above the Sunrise” (provided by Lee Turner of Darius Rucker fame) and the rhythm guitar parts on the title track, which his longtime friend and collaborator, John Calendrillo stepped in for. Local Massachusetts musician and good friend, Munk Duane, also lent his vocal talent to the backing vocal section of “Way Out.”

Launching all those years ago with that “leap of faith,” and after all he’s been through, it’s only fitting that his latest release be titled True Believer. The opening riff of first single ‘Don’t Ask Why’ kicks off the Ep like a punch to the face and it never stops. Heavy, a bit dark, a bit angry…”Don’t Ask Why” is a song that you’ll want to repeat over and over louder and louder. The title track, “True Believer,” has been with John for over 20 years dating back to his former band Big Trouble. “The hook to the song has lived in my head all these years and I finally decided the time was right,” says Taglieri. “Way Out” is a mid-tempo masterpiece with a huge hook and a conversation we’ve all had at the end of a relationship at some point in our lives. ‘Take This Ride’ and ‘Above the Sunrise’ harken back to old school guitars, Hammond organs and in your face vocals. ‘Mad Mad World’ closes out the Ep with attitude and aggression. “It’s a message about keeping on your toes before you get swallowed up in turmoil,” reflects the singer.

True Believer is out now via Leap Dog Music / Vanity Music Group and is available on all digital platforms as well as CD Baby and your local brick and mortar outlet.

John Taglieri


L-R: Pontus Engborg (drums), Glenn Hughes (vocals, bass) and Doug Aldrich (guitar) Photo Credit: © Gene Kirkland
L-R: Pontus Engborg (drums), Glenn Hughes (vocals, bass) and Doug Aldrich (guitar)
Photo Credit: © Gene Kirkland

Glenn Hughes, nicknamed the ‘Voice of Rock’, has today unveiled an official photo of his new band that he has put together for his European and UK 2015 Solo tour.

The band’s UK leg of the European tour stars on October 17th at the Southampton Engine Rooms and ends at London’s Electric Ballroom on November 1st.   Special guest on the tour is Jared James Nichols who recently released his critically acclaimed debut album Old Glory & The Wild Revival.

The concerts will showcase highlights from Glenn’s career including Trapeze, Deep Purple, Black Country Communion, California Breed, along with his solo material.

“I felt it was time for me to start touring with my solo band,” says Glenn, who is currently on tour in Brazil.  “I called my drummer Pontus Engborg , and guitar player Soren Andersen.  Soren had made a contractual commitment to do an autumn Tour in Scandinavia, so I had to find a replacement.

There was only one man on my mind… Doug Aldrich.”

“I’ve  known Doug from his time with Ronnie Dio , and of course Whitesnake. Doug played with me on a couple of Purple songs at a festival the night before Ronnie passed away. We had great chemistry , and talked about playing together again, when schedules permitted.

Continues Hughes, “ Doug is a welcome addition to my Band, and is a dear friend , both loving and nurturing , and is a rock phenomenon.  I’m beyond grateful to return to a Solo Band touring cycle, that will see me travel across many continents these next 12 months.See you down the front.”

Glenn Hughes is a true original.  No other rock musician has carved such a distinctive style blending the finest elements of hard rock, soul and funk.  That astonishing voice is Hughes’ calling card.  He’s known as a singer’s singer. Stevie Wonder once called Hughes his favorite white singer.  “I love my fans, and interact with them online, or at venues on my travels,” says Hughes. “There is no greater high than performing and to reach out to my fans.”



Sat 17  Southampton, ENGLAND – Engine Rooms              BUY TICKETS

Mon 19 Norwich, ENGLAND – Waterfront                            BUY TICKETS

Tue 20 Newcastle, ENGLAND – Tyne Theatre                       BUY TICKETS

Thu 22 Belfast, NORTHERN IRELAND – Limelight                 BUY TICKETS

Fri 23 Glasgow, SCOTLAND – The Garage                                BUY TICKETS

Sun 25 Holmfirth, ENGLAND – Picturedrome                       BUY TICKETS

Mon 26 Bilston, ENGLAND – Robin 2                                         BUY TICKETS

Wed 28 York, ENGLAND – Fibbers                                            BUY TICKETS

Thu 29 Manchester, ENGLAND – Club Academy                  BUY TICKETS


Sun 01 London, ENGLAND – Electric Ballroom                      BUY TICKETS


Dan Patlansky_Bakkes Images_22_2
Bakkes Images©

Joe Satriani has extended the dates featuring Dan Patlansky as special guest on the European leg of his Shockwave Tour 2015. The legendary artist and performer announced award-winning singer-songwriter/blues-rock guitarist Dan Patlansky as special guest in 10 European countries. Dan will now be playing with Satriani from 9 October to 10 November this year at 25 shows in 10 countries over the course of 33 days.

“Joe Satriani has been a massive inspiration in my life and to many others. He is the most forward-thinking and most inspirational guitar player of our time and I am extremely honoured and excited to be on the road with him.” – Dan Patlansky.


With Special Guest DAN PATLANSKY

Tour Dates:

9 October 2015 – Patria Hall, Budapest, Hungary

11 October 2015 – National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria

12 October 2015 – Sala Polivalenta, Bucharest, Romania

13 October 2015 – Sala Polivalenta, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

14 October 2015 – Aegon Arena, Bratislava, Slovakia

15 October 2015 – Tipsport Arena, Prague, Czech Republic

16 October 2015 – Werk Arena, Trinec, Czech Republic

18 October 2015 – Torwar Arena, Warsaw, Poland

19 October 2015 – Rock Cafe, Tallinn, Estonia

20 October 2015 – Circus, Helsinki, Finland

25 October 2015 – Circus Krone, Munich, Germany

26 October 2015 – Laeishalle, Hamburg, Germany

27 October 2015 – Admiralspalast, Berlin, Germany

28 October 2015 – Theaterhaus, Stuttgart, Germany

29 October 2015 – Salle Metropole, Lausanne, Switzerland

30 October 2015 – Ruhrcongress, Bochum, Germany

1 November 2015 – 02 Apollo Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom

2 November 2015 – Birmingham Symphony Hall, Birmingham, United Kingdom

3 November 2015 – Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, United Kingdom

4 November 2015 – City Hall, Sheffield, United Kingdom

5 November 2015 – Cardiff St. David’s Hall, Cardiff, United Kingdom

7 November 2015 – Southend Cliffs Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom

8 November 2015 – Bristol Colston Hall, Bristol, United Kingdom

9 November 2015 – Portsmouth Guild Hall, Hampshire, United Kingdom

10 November 2015 – Eventim Hammersmith Apollo, London, United Kingdom