Danish metallers CHAINFIST will release their second full-lenght album “Scarred“, on October 6 worldwide via Mighty Music/Target Group. The album contains 11 tracks, produced by Michael Hansen at Phon Studio and mixed/mastered by Jacob Hansen (Primal Fear, Volbeat, Anubis Gate, Pretty Maids) at Hansen Studios.

Chainfist Scarred

CHAINFIST is a five-piece Danish metal band formed in 2007, which consists of ex-members of Panzerchrist, Frozen Sun and Infernal Death.

In September 2010 they released their first full-length album “Black Out Sunday” which was praised by several Danish metal-sites e.g. that gave them 10/10 stars and commented: “The album is a bomb filled with everything from every drawer, all without being overwhelming or cluttered.

Since then the band has been playing on various stages in Denmark, building up a solid live-reputation with top-marks from the critics.

In the fall of 2013 the band began the recording of their second album “Scarred” – an album that are the result of intense and spontaneous live-recording sessions to get the most “manhood” out of the drums, guitars and bass as possible. “Manhood and Downstrokes, this was the main attitude” guitarist Michael Kopietz (ex-Frozen Sun, ex-Panzerchrist) explains.

Undoubtedly “The Big Four” has been a great inspiration for CHAINFIST, but at the same time the band is incorporating new school heavy metal elements and gripping vocal melodies to make their unique touch on the genre, with bands like Mercenary, Volbeat and Disturbed as references.

Jacob Hansen sought a dirty sound, but yet with a mainstream appeal, which was fitting for the old-school riffing’s, powerful leads and melodic vocals that was pivotal for this recording.

“Scarred” will be released October 6th 2014 worldwide.

“Scarred” track listing:

  1. Scars of time
    02. 1000 ways to bleed
    03. Black rebel noise
    04. Another day in hell
    05. Poison moon
    06. 10.000
    07. Know you hate
    08. Seven minutes of pain
    09. Statement
    10. Mass frustration
    11. Black rebel noise (acoustic)


Jackie Petersen – Vocals
Michael Kopietz – Guitars
Thomas Hvisel – Guitars
Braca Pedersen – Bass
Jesper Heidelbach – Drums

Chainfist Band

Mustang Run


About the new album ‘Mustang Run’


“I wanted to break free of the mould of ‘the Carl Verheyen Band’ and do a progressive instrumental album.”
Verheyen goes on to say: “I wanted the opportunity to weave thick textures of sound using dozens of instruments and tones. My motivation was the sheer joy of hearing those sounds in the air.”
Mustang Run features guest performances by Simon Phillips, Chad Wackerman, Jerry Goodman, Bill Evans, Jimmy Johnson, Stuart Hamm and Gregg Bissonette.”
Verheyen says: “My previous album Trading 8s was a collaboration with some of my guitar player friends. I had Robben Ford, Joe Bonamassa, Steve Morse, Scott Henderson, Albert Lee and Rick Vito trading solos with me.”
“On Mustang Run I wanted that inspiration to come from the rhythm section, so I called different bass players and drummers to suit the songs. I love to play with musicians that I have a deep musical relationship with, because the studio scene in LA breeds hundreds of casual musical relationships. The great players on Mustang Run are all friends that I’ve known and performed with for years.”


Mustang Run is out now via Cranktone Entertainment.



San Diego, California blues based hard rock band SEVENTRAIN featuring in their ranks former CAGE guitarist Eric Horton, former Tourniquet bassist Dino Andino and 24-7 SPYZ drummer Joel Maitoza, have been nominated as one of eight bands in the best hard rock album category of the upcoming 2014 San Diego Music Awards.

The awards ceremony will take place on Monday, October 6, 2014 at Humphrey’s By The Bay in San Diego, California.

As a thank you to their ever growing fan base all over the world, the band is offering a 2nd free full song download of the punishing track “Carry The Cross”.

Seventrain – “Carry The Cross” – Download Link

Upcoming SEVENTRAIN show dates:

8/15/14 – Brick By Brick – San Diego, Ca.
9/6/14 – PCH Club – Long Beach, Ca.
9/12/14 – Ramona Mainstage – Ramona, Ca.

For the latest band news and show dates visit their official Facebook page:

SEVENTRAIN – Official Facebook page

Seventrain band

Lovebite album


Young British hard rock upstarts Lovebite have parted ways with the American label, Spectra Records, without releasing their debut album via the company, despite signing with them and delivering masters of their Lock N’ Load album over a year ago.
“We were getting really frustrated with the whole situation and we weren’t sure what to do,” explains frontman, Jonny Sparks.  “We signed a management deal with a US based company called Head First Entertainment about three months ago and they looked at our record contract and started asking questions of the label.  We had our release date pushed back repeatedly for no good reason and we weren’t getting valid answers.” He goes on to explain,  “We were also required to pitch in quite a bit of money for a publicity campaign back in January and we really didn’t see a lot of results from that.  And that was the beginning of the end, really.”
The band’s manager, Dave Tedder, chimes in: “Pushing back the album’s release date so many times for the reasons I was given was bad enough, but when I saw the press report they sent, that was pretty much the final straw. Included in the report were outlets such as The Today Show, David Letterman, Saturday Night Live, Conan O’Brien and other TV shows that made no sense, as well as UK alternative magazines such as Q, Mojo and the like. We’re talking about an upcoming glam rock band here, not a mainstream pop or indie rock act. Now, a lack in judgement is one thing but when I saw the magazines Sounds, RAW, Select and Vox on the list it quickly became obvious that part of the list was fabricated. None of those magazines exist anymore! Combing through the report and doing some research I found that they claim to have gotten “no” (“rejected”) as a response from close to twenty publications that no longer exist and some of which stopped printing as far back as the 1970’s.  I sent my concerns over, asked them to explain things and they sent an eMail to Jonny Sparks with a termination notice saying that I was harassing them. It’s not harassment, it’s looking out for the best interests of my clients. It’s right there in black and white – Spectra Records screwed over Lovebite –  no if’s and’s or but’s about it. I’ve asked them to prove me wrong and they just ignore that request.”
Free of their contract now, Lovebite will have Lock N’ Load available on iTunes in the next few weeks and physical copies of the album will be available on Amazon’s various sites around the world. In the meantime, the band continues to write and demo songs for their sophomore release which should see the light of day sometime in 2015.


German based Hard Rockers Dead End Heroes release the promo video for the title track from their debut album Roadkill on AOR Heaven.

The band features vocalist Carsten Lizard Schulz (Evidence One, Domain), guitarist and producer Rolf Munkes (Empire, Tony Martin, Majesty), musical mastermind and drummer Daniel Voegeli (Me & The Rest), bassist Paul Logue (Eden’s Curse,Doogie White, David Readman) and keyboard player Holger Seeger (Midnite Club, Iain Ashley Hersey).

Roadkill was released by German label AOR Heaven on June 27th and has been earning rave reviews amongst the Rock & Metal press.

Dead End Heroes band

Official Sites :
Record Label:

The Stories We Could Tell

Hard rock’s original supergroup, Mr. Big are back with a vengeance with their new album …The Stories We Could Tell. The band’s eighth studio album is slated for release in the UK on Monday 22nd September, followed by North American release on Tuesday 23rd September via Frontiers Music Srl.  “This new album rocks,” says Paul Gilbert. “I love playing guitar, singing, and writing with Eric, Billy, and Pat. And after 25 years, I’m proud that we can make an album that is melodic, powerful, interesting, groovy, and emotional.”

“We wrote songs individually and collectively on this new record,” says Eric Martin. “To me this is the album that we’ve threatened to make decades ago. A classic, groovin’, blues-rock record with the spirit and spark of our rock and soul idols from the 70’s. Hells to the yeah it’s a Mr. Big album complete with all the trimmings. I think whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or just starting, you’re going to dig where we are coming from and where we’ve been.”

The original line-up comprised of Eric Martin (vocals), Paul Gilbert (guitar), Billy Sheehan (bass) and Pat Torpey ( drums), are back with some of their most powerful material to date. The new album is the follow-up to the 2011 release “What If,” that marked the band’s return to their signature hard rock sound. The new album is available for pre-order via Amazon UK.  Mr. Big kick off their European tour on Friday October 17th at London’s Koko. Visit the official Mr. Big website to view all their 2014 tour dates.

The band recently announced that drummer Pat Torpey has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The diagnosis has left him unable to perform his normal drumming duties on the band’s upcoming World Tour. He did complete all of the drumming on the upcoming album, but unfortunately touring will be too difficult for him at the present time. Mr. Big intends to announce a drummer in the near future who will handle most of Mr. Big’s drumming duties on the Fall 2014 tour and expects Torpey to jump on the drums on suitable live songs as well as participating in the group’s acoustic set.

Album Track Listing:

1)            Gotta Love The Ride

2)            I Forget To Breathe

3)            Fragile

4)            Satisfied

5)            The Man Who Has Everything

6)            The Monster In Me

7)            What If We Were New?

8)            East/West

9)            The Light Of Day

10)          Just Let Your Heart Decide

11)          It’s Always About That Girl

12)          Cinderella Smile

13)          The Stories We Could Tell

14)          Addicted To That Rush (Live – Exclusive Bonus Track)

Mr Big

credit Charles Jischke
credit Charles Jischke


Seminal rocker Billy Idol has announced his much awaited live return to the UK this November. The punk and rock icon will play in Birmingham, London and Manchester – his first UK appearances since his unforgettable performance at Download 2010 where he triumphed in torrential rain and had the crowd eating out of his hand.

The newly announced dates will come soon after the release of two major new Billy Idol projects. In late October, Idol will drop his first new album in almost 10 years, produced by Trevor Horn. And on 7th October, Simon and Schuster UK will release Idol’s much anticipated autobiography, ‘Dancing With Myself.’

Idol’s band includes his long-time lead guitarist Steve Stevens, Stephen McGrath on bass, Billy Morrison on guitar, Eric Eldenius on drums and Paul Trudeau on keyboards.

Dates as follows:                                   

November 2014

Date    City                   Venue                                    Box Office                         


5th         Birmingham      O2 ACADEMY                          0844 477 2000


9th         London              EVENTIM APOLLO                   0844 249 1000


10th      Manchester       O2 APOLLO                             08444 777 677


Tickets go onsale on Friday 15th August at 9.00am.   Tickets are available online from – 24 hour phone line: 0844 576 5483.   Doors are 7pm on all shows.

Billy Idol was born William Michael Albert Broad in Stanmore, North London in 1955. He moved to New York as a child and returned to the UK to affirm himself as a central figure of the British punk movement. His music, image and attitude have stood the test of time and transcended fashion and trends; after fronting seminal punk outfit Generation X – who split in 1981 – Idol embraced dance and rock penning, anthems including “White Wedding,” “Dancing With Myself,” “Flesh For Fantasy,” “Hot In the City,” “Eyes Without A Face,” “Rebel Yell,” and “Cradle of Love,” among others. From punk rebel to mainstream rock hero, there’s no territory Billy Idol left unconquered.