As you know I’m now back to my ‘normal’ half hour segments. People have asked for/suggested I  continue with the one hour RPR’s maybe in my own time-slot.

Well, I’ve certainly been offered my own time-slot, however at the moment the 30 minute format is about right for me currently due to time constraints and personal matters.

What I don’t want is for it to become a chore, as I started doing this & the ‘Shed At The Bottom Of The Garden’ podcasts for fun and my enjoyment first and formost, the fact that you like what I play is a huge bonus to me and I thank you all whole heartedly.

If things change, you’ll be the first to know.

Keep it cranked to 11!

Two new bands will be getting some well deserved airplay on this week’s show.

First up are –  Bad Reputation

Hailing from Zagreb in Croatia, the band are –

Luka Lončar – Vocals, Marko Kostić – Guitar, Jure Guić – Guitar & Hrvoje Milavec – Drums

Visit them on Myspace – and listen to their debut single ‘Rock Hard’

Secondly we have Silent Victory from the North West of England.

Band members are – Tony Rimmer – Lead vocals, lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars, Des Walsh, Lead and rhythm guitars, Neil Humphrey – Bass and backing vocals, Dave Aindow – Drums and backing vocals & Rob Bakewell – Keyboards.

Their debut album is called “No Sacred Ground” and is available from the usual download sites: i-tunes, napster etc. You can find them on Myspace at