I’m sure most of you have had the reaction from someone, at one time or another, when you answer them as to what music you like…rock/metal, and their lip twitches.

Oh sure it seems that it is the most unpopular music genre amongst the mainstream media. So tell me this, how come it returns the best sales figures and always tops the biggest concert tours?

I’ll tell you why. Rock/metal fans are a loyal bunch who tend to focus on albums rather than single songs, and follow their favorite bands through thick & thin, not caring what is deemed popular by said mainstream media!

I personally don’t frown on other music genres (well apart from rap) seeing as I’ve quite an eclectic taste.

Mind you I’d take shows like the X Factor more seriously if the ‘artists’ wrote & performed their own music like thousands of bands & singers out there slogging their way round a diminishing music circuit.

If you look up the Wikipedia definition of music it states

Music is an art form whose medium is sound. Common elements of music are pitch (which governs melody and harmony), rhythm (and its associated concepts tempo, meter and articulation), dynamics, and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture.’

How do I define it? It is the soundtrack to my life, of utmost importance in my day to day existence, in fact it is almost past emotion.

Imagine if you can, life without any form of music, well okay I sure wouldn’t miss sections of it that’s for sure, but it would impact so heavily on our daily lives.

Okay, that’s enough of my philosophical musings, now back to the show….