I’m still not certain as to whether Rockposer’s Roulette is going to be –

1) a weekly show on Pirate Radio

2) a weekly podcast

3) a monthly show on Pirate Radio

4) a monthly podcast

I started the Roulette as a way of introducing you guys to music both old & new, which you may not of heard before, as well as giving myself something to create and enjoy.

As I’ve said to friends & collegues, once you stop enjoying making something, it’s time to stop. I’ve not reached that point, but I want to keep the whole thing under control and stop it getting stale.

I’ve asked for feedback in the past. Not to feed an ego, but to try and make sure that your enjoying it as much as me.

So, any feedback you leave/send is greatly appreciated.  (as are bribes etc, hehe.)

*IMPORTANT UPDATE*** The Brownsound Show, which Rockposer’s Roulette get’s broadcast on, is taking a hiatus for an undetermined length of time. Where this leaves RPR regards broadcasts, I don’t know yet. The shows will still be available as a weekly free download from the website & the March Madness show with Luke is still on schedule.

This week’s show  is an hour long as unfortunatly there’s no Brownsound Show.

I will be playing the following great music –

Vengeance, Ronnie Le Tekro, Bob Seger, Bad Company, Brighton Rock, TNT, Tempest, Toss N’ Turn, StunLeer, Land Of Tales, Reese, Pleasure Dome & Thunder.