Section A

Danish hard rockers SECTION A, featuring guitarist Torben Enevoldsen (Acacia AvenueFateFatal Force) will release their new album, ‘Wall Of Silence‘, in Europe/Asia on February 26 and in North America on February 12 via Mausoleum Records.

Wall Of Silence‘ picks up where ‘Sacrifice‘ left off, with a more straightforward, heavy approach, but the signature Section A sound very much intact. For the new album, Torben Enevoldsen needed renewed inspiration energy; enter singer, Nicklas Sonne (Malrun, Defecto). Besides guitars, Torben played bass and keyboards while Dennis Hansen (Acacia Avenue, Fatal Force) pounded the drums. No new Section A album without a special guest, so this time Julien Spreutels (Ethernity, Epysode) was invited to play the keyboard solos.


1. Wall Of Silence
2. Finding The One
3. All That Matters
4. No Tomorrow
5. How Long
6. Pray For Freedom
7. Bleeding Chains
8. Holding On
9. When All Is Falling

Torben Enevoldsen – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards (Acacia Avenue, Fate, Fatal Force)
Nicklas Sonne – Vocals (Malrun, Defecto)
Dennis Hansen – Drums (Acacia Avenue, Fatal Force)
Julien Spreutels – Guest Keyboard Solos (Ethernity, Epysode)

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The Devil's New Tricks

The next album from Rage Of Angels entitled ‘The Devil’s New Tricks‘ will be released February 2016 on Escape Music.


Ged Rylands Keyboards and Guitars
Rob Moratti Lead vocals
Neil Fraser Lead Guitars
Chris Green Lead Guitars
Martin Kronlund lead Guitars
Perra Johannsen Drums
Chris Goldsmith Bass

Produced by: Ged Rylands
Executive Producer: Khalil Turk
Mixed and Mastered: Martin Kronlund
Artwork by: Vitaly Alexius


The Infidels have re-branded themselves as Project N-fidelikah, a new funk punk ghetto underground quartet.

The quartet consists of George Lynch on guitar, Chris Moore on drums, Pancho Tomaselli on bass and Angelo Moore on vocals.

The band actually first branded itself as ‘The Infidels,’ but tepid venues led them to rethink things. “We didn’t want nobody coming up trying to shoot us at the concert, cut our heads off, so what I decided to do was take the Infidels and change it into almost a Swahili afro-centric name!,” Angelo Moore quips. “What if a lady’s name was N-fidelikah? What if N-fidelika was a giant Native American twerking robot who smashed all the villains with her ass?”

Project N-fidelika came about when while at the  the office at ESP Guitars, Tomaselli looked at a picture of the legendary George Lynch and thought about working with him. The bassist asked for the ex-Dokken guitarist’s number, called him up and forged the beginnings of the band. Drummer Chris Moore from Santa Ana got recruited into the fold, but they still needed a lead singer.

Moore suggested another Moore in the form of Fishbone’s Angelo Moore. “We both got the same name,” Angelo says. “Automatically, cosmically and karmically, that’s the hookup right there.”

Project N-fidelikah became a true melting pot with Lynch a Native American, Tomaselli coming from Ecuador and Angelo being black. Oh yeah, and then there’s Chris! “They call me THC, that’s ‘token hot cracker!’” he laughs.

The band debuts at the Troubador on Monday with more tour dates in store for the New Year to support the release of their tentatively self-titled album, one recorded, mixed and mastered in four months despite all the band members competing responsibilities.


Generation Me

The Treatment – the critically acclaimed British hard rock band are set to release their studio album, ‘Generation Me, worldwide on Friday 18th March 2016.  Released by Frontiers Music SRL, the highly anticipated third album will be the first album from the Treatment to feature new lead singer Mitchel Emms and new guitarist Tao Grey.

Formed in Cambridge in 2008, early reports of the Treatment’s Generation Me album points to a triumphant return-to-form, celebrating a raft of spectacular big sounding rock songs bursting with hi-octane rock energy.  Produced by Laurie Mansworth, mixed by Tony Newton and mastered by Ade Emsley, Generation Me is the follow up to 2014’s Running With The Dogs album. It’s a hands-down, mind-blowing rock extravaganza that will leave rock fans wanting more than what they bargained for, and then some.

“We’re absolutely delighted to announce that the recording of our third full length album Generation Me is now complete,” says the Treatment’s new guitarist Tao Grey. “We honestly all believe this album is a huge step forward for The Treatment and we can’t wait for you to hear it. We will be touring throughout 2016/17 and we look forward to seeing all you Treatment troops at our shows next year.”

Ever since The Treatment  first arrived in 2011 with the release of their debut album, This Might Hurt, they’ve played numerous festivals including Sonisphere, Download and most recently, Steelhouse, and toured extensively with Alice Cooper, Steel Panther, Kiss, Motley Crue, Slash, and W.A.S.P.

Album Track Listing

Let It Begin

The Devil

Tell Us The Truth

Generation Me

Backseat Heartbeat

Cry Tough

We Are Beautiful

I Know She Knows

Better Think Again

Light The Sun

The Treatment





Harem Scarem – Live at The Phoenix

Harem Scarem – Live at The Phoenix

Frontiers Music Srl (2015)

Reviewer – Aaron Chatfield

So, Harem Scarem. Let’s start off with a confession… I’m just not that much of a fan. With the exception of the sublime Mood Swings, I’ve found the band very hit and miss. Some great tracks on each album, but no great album. I know that I am in the minority… oh and I don’t like live albums!

This means ‘Live at The Phoenix’ has a hell of a lot of work to do to impress me.

The package is a two disk CD and 1 disk DVD, but I’m only covering the audio disks on this review. Recorded in their home town of Toronto, the opus covers tracks from across their career, including some of the tracks I recognise from the aforementioned Mood Swings release.

After a brief introduction the first disk kicks off with ‘Garden of Eden’. For a live album, the sound is good. Clear instruments with good separation and vocals high in the mix. You can’t fault the band musically, they are all have serious chops, but the song just is just OK to me. On it’s tails is ‘Hard to Love’, which is one of my favourite tracks by the band and they deliver it well on this live version. ‘Saviours’ is another track that I like from the band, so glad to see this so early in the set. ‘Dagger’ follows, which doesn’t catch me and then we slow the tempo down for power ballad ‘Distant Memory’, a good enough ballad.

The rest of disk 1 features ‘The Midnight Hours’, ‘Mandy’, ‘Killing Me’, ‘Slowly Slipping Away’ and ‘Troubled Times’.

The second half of this release opens with ‘Sentimental Blvd’, another track I recognise instantly, the vocals really lift this version, with some real passion. Unfortunately, ‘Turn Around’ follows, which is not my cup of tea at all. It’s one of those ‘modern rock’ tracks, with a little bit of a Beatles feel in the melodies. I’m glad when we get back to another Mood Swings track with ‘Stranger Than Love’.

All I Need’, ‘Saints & Sinners’ & ‘So Blind’ all follow, but by now I am really focused on getting to Harem’s best track, the superb ‘Change Comes Around’. I played this track to death when it first came out and it’s not lost anything over the years, although I would choose the studio version over this live version every time. The live version just doesn’t have the same energy and some of the melodies aren’t quite right.

The album closes up with ‘No Justice’.

All in all, this live album hasn’t suddenly made me a huge Harem Scarem fan and they will remain in the OK pile for me. It’s also not changed my mind over live albums. Whilst I like live music, it rarely transfers to CD well and I’d much rather listen to the studio versions.

If you are a big fan of Harem Scarem and enjoy live albums, then I think this will be a good release for you. Good set list and sonics, mean that if you want to relive that live experience, you can do it without the £5 beer, urine-soaked toilet floor and aching feet!

Nordic Union

The first song off of the upcoming self-titled debut album from Nordic Union, ‘When Death Is Calling’ is now streaming on Frontier’s YouTube channel.

Nordic Union is the collaboration between Erik Martensson of Eclipse  and W.E.T and Ronnie Atkins of Pretty Maids.

You can pre-order the CD or MP3 from here: (All MP3 pre-orders include an instant download of “When Death Is Calling”.)

Ronnie Atkins & Erik Martensson


Zierler - ESC

Review: Zierler – ESC

Vanity Music Group (2015)

Reviewer – Stephen Brophy

The brainchild of Danish Keyboard player and composer Finn Zierler, his new project Zierler comprises some stunning talent that he has managed to piece together for an excellent Progressive Metal album called ESC. In addition to Zierler we have some very heavy hitters from both sides of the Atlantic, Texans Kelly Sundown Carpenter (Firewind) Vocals and Bobby Jarzombek (Fates Warning, Riot) on Drums and also fellow Scandinavians Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry, Kaipa) on Guitar and Truls Haugen (Insense, Circus Maximus) on Bass and Vocals, in fact the vocals are pretty much shared between Kelly and Truls, what a great lineup of experienced performers.

There are eleven tracks on offer here and at times you might think you are listening to multiple bands, great variety in the tracks, and some wonderful musicianship as you’d expect. As with a lot of the better albums these days no single instrument overpowers the rest, allowing the band to show all of their talents in unison. The album itself clocks in at seventy two minutes which is certainly value for money in this day and age, and there are some epic pieces on it such as the stand out of me ‘Water‘ which is a beautiful piece of work, edges out of it’s shell very much on the Prog side with the intro, but just explodes into a heavier beast before swapping between styles effortlessly, at times I get a little bit of a Queensryche vibe from it, with the layers and vocals, it’s one of those tracks your don’t mind listening to over and over and it just displays different things each time, points of focus and a piece you may have skipped over just seems to stick out on another listen.

Other standouts here are the much more aggressive ‘You Can’t Fix Me No More‘ with it’s pounding riff  and drums, but which also manages to maintain a level between the clear vocal delivery and some screamed frenzy  or ‘Darkness Delight‘ with it’s additional chorus’s and intermittent breaks, there is just a lot of thought that has both gone into this music and that will be applied to the listener. If you are a fan of Progressive Rock/Metal or the Beyond Twilight trilogy of album releases you will definitely be more than interested in this release, but in reality I would point anyone in it’s direction, there are so many good points in this musical journey, everything sounds great and the vocals are always more than just excellently delivered they are interesting, there nothing throwaway here, Mr. Zierler certainly knows what he wants to achieve and his experience sets him almost in the role of a director. The Keyboards shine throughout adding an extra layer to pieces that just enhances everything.

Nothing sounds the same, and most importantly you don’t get the impression that the musicians are adding things for the sake of it, everything is done for the story of the song and that’s just excellent. There is no doubting the quality of the individuals involved and thankfully the end result here is a combining of forces to create a magical release, excellent work all around and a product that has been well crafted and sounds terrific, from chugging riffs, wailing solos to subtle pieces winding around each other on songs like ‘Rainheart‘, this album may have come towards the end of the year, but it’s certainly one of the best Progressive releases, it needs and demands time to listen to and in this day and age that may not always be available to us in one sitting, so take your time with it, don’t bypass it and just enjoy some delightful musical fragments that join together to form what many bands could only dream to achieve. Would be a dream to see this one played in full someday. Go take a listen, I’d be surprised if it didn’t effect you in some way. Zierler, remember the name.