UK/Swiss Duo, Band of Hearts, Release New Single & Music Video ‘I Stand Alone’

Fresh from their debut single release, ‘Broken Wings‘, UK/Swiss duo, Band of Hearts, return with the release of their new single, ‘I Stand Alone‘. Taking influence from the likes of Richard Marx, Toto and Journey, ‘I Stand Alone’ is a cinematic pop-rock anthem, championing the awesome nature of human potential. The song is accompanied by a music video starring Swiss Olympic athlete, Jonas Boesiger.

I Stand Alone‘ is about finding yourself in ‘The Zone’: an often-elusive mental state of flow. The lyrics journey into a space where you become completely immersed in the activity you are performing. Distractions fade away and you feel a sense of energized focus. It is in these moments that we inspire ourselves and others, as we go beyond our perceived limitations. But what does it take to get there and why is it such a transient state of being?

Musically, ‘I Stand Alone‘ is driven by a constant sense of forward momentum. There is layered intensity and groove throughout; RnB undertones and subtle synths are juxtaposed against a hard-rock edge. Though the song may be influenced by artists of a previous era, sonically ‘I Stand Alone‘ is firmly in the present. Like ‘Broken Wings‘, ‘I Stand Alone‘ was recorded at 2 Inch Records in Goldau, Switzerland and mixed at Hammerspace Studios in Perth, Australia.

Encapsulating the themes of ‘I Stand Alone‘ is the song’s music video. Filmed in the Swiss Alps, the video stars Swiss Olympic athlete, Jonas Boesiger, pushing himself mentally and physically to the limit as he prepares for a breathtaking wingsuit flight. The video’s stunning aerial footage was captured by acclaimed aerial photographer, Jarno Cordia.

Formed in 2018, Band of Hearts is the shared musical vision of Gareth Hughes (guitars, vocals, keyboards) and Tom Irons (drums and vocals).

In June 2020, ‘Broken Wings‘ introduced Band of Hearts to the World. Now, ‘I Stand Alone‘ announces their mission statement.

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