Review: Hannah Aldridge – Live in Black and White

Review: Hannah Aldridge – Live in Black and White

Icons Creating Evil Art (August 14th 2020)

Reviewer: Paul Saripo

This album is no ordinary live acoustic, as I found to my delight the album has been recorded and mixed to great effect finding a real sense of presence throughout.

The selection of songs fit together comfortably on the album, some of which also feature guest musicians that each subtlety adds to the overall ambiance.

This Live album draws upon Hannah’s previous two studio albums ‘Razor Wire‘ (2014) and ‘Gold Rush‘ (2017)

Hannah Aldridge delivers strong vocal control with deep and immensely rich tapestry of vocally emotive lyrics written deep from Hannah’s soul. Bringing a raw acoustic backline to dark country music with a passionate and convincing delivery of her vocals.

Howling Bones‘ sets the scene perfectly for this album with expressive vocals, if you need to tip your toe into a new album then this track will pull you into the old black river and have you singing along with the chorus in no time at all. For me, this acoustic version of ‘Howling Bones‘ resonates deeper than the earlier studio version.

Lie Like You Love Me‘ is a song that’s about feeling lonely when all you have left is one sided love. Hannah’s Dad, Walt Aldridge joins and supports on this track.

Gold Rush‘ is delivered beautifully with Robbie Cavanagh accompanying. Hannah’s voice and emotion comes through beautifully on this emotional song.

Aftermath’ follows with rich tone and vibrant strumming.

Black and White‘, when I first listened to this track for some reason reminded me of the great Rolling Stones number Wild Horses, probably down to a similar emotional connection and tempo, but the more I think about it, maybe its just one of those random thoughts that pops in and takes hold for a moment. Some fantastic riffs driving ‘Black and White‘ and the story it tells of times gone by.

Save Your Self‘ moves this emotional journey on, joined by country duet The Black Feathers, who provide a complimentary accompaniment without lousing focus.

Rails To Ride‘ follows on with a driving double base and additional string bashing from the lads of Goat Roper Rodeo.

Lace‘ such a beautiful song yet born from a tragic place, Hannah’s reach and vocal prowess punches out and takes this song into new dimensions. This arrangement features Danni Nicholls.

Parchman‘ is moving and hauntingly poetic, such emotion, Hannah is in top form delivering from the heart.

Born To Be Broken‘ follows on with cries of disparity all around reaching out for judgment day. Nothing brings a song to life more than the passion and conviction during delivery and this is one of Hannah’s talents as a writer, singer and performer. Lonesome follows on and makes you feel empty  as lonesome goes both ways.

Last and final track of the album lifts up with gospel inspired undertones, ‘Burning Down Birmingham‘. A great finale to the album.

I really enjoyed this album, its one that will remain on my playlists.