OF CONCRETE GODS Release ‘Obsidian’ Single

Fast rising Brit stoners OF CONCRETE GODS have unleashed their epic new debut single, ‘Obsidian‘ through all platforms.

Coming at you from Luton and originally formed in 2018, OF CONCRETE GODS were kicked into action by their mutual desire to create real music that reflects their stoner roots. With a collective affection for hard rockers Alice in Chains and Stone Stour, metal icons such as Black Sabbath and Metallica, and stoner bands like Down and Elephant Tree, OF CONCRETE GODS embrace a philosophy of: “if it sounds good in the garage, we go for it.”

Although OF CONCRETE GODS played their first live show only in the Autumn of 2019, the individual band members are no strangers to the grind, as they have over five hundred gigs under their collective belts from previous acts. Their debut show was an outright success and further live performances continued until the covid-19 pandemic halted further trajectory. The band write intensively and rehearse constantly, and have just recorded their debut single ‘Obsidian‘ at Signal House Studios (Drones, Kodama). Vocalist Nik Scott discusses the track: “We consider ‘Obsidian‘ to be a song in three acts, with a melancholic introduction, a deeply frustrated centre, and a finale built around acceptance and moving on. Lyrically it is about the realisation that maybe connecting with other people isn’t on the cards for you, which can leave you black and brittle like the stone it is named after.

Upon listening to ‘Obsidian‘ it becomes abundantly clear that OF CONCRETE GODS are something special, and their new single is an absolute epic journey of the senses.